Jun 2, 2020

As an IT professional, I am always on the lookout for software solutions that I can use to benefit users in my personal life, especially friends and family who are looking to protect their devices as well as optimize them for the things that they do every day both on the computer and the web.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense seeks to be the ultimate pc security suite for users. It encompasses:

System Mechanic, a suite designed to perform an overall scan of the computer for everything from deceptive programs to broken internet connections.


Privacy Guardian is designed to both secure and protect your internet activity including your online identity by deleting your web-browsing traces and privatizing your search history.

ByePass is a piece of software to be installed on your browser to protect your online purchases. It locally encrypts to prevent users from having to type in or store passwords when making online purchases.

Malware Killer seeks out possible infections throughout the system and provides options on quarantine, exclusion and removal.

System Shield is an antivirus suite that monitors the computer for infections and malicious software.

Search and Recover checks both the internal hard drive as well as removable devices for accidentally deleted files and offers the ability to recover them and move them to a new location.

Drive Scrubber offers the ability to completely wipe all contents from drives Windows is not installed on.

The suite has a lot of advantages especially in the ease of its user interface and its ability to install quickly. With everything located in the interface itself, it saved time searching for the feature I was looking for. The main suite was able to find file duplicates and junk files that did leave a marked improvement on the computer’s overall performance after they were removed. The Privacy Guardian was too intrusive for a standard user. ByePass was implemented and worked well when attempting to make an online purchase. Search and Recover was useful when trying to locate files on an old USB Drive that Windows flagged for repair and Drive Scrubber helped to clear that drive for future use after the files were moved. The Real-Time Boost feature was helpful when checking the responsiveness of the system during online gaming sessions.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is an effective and relatively easy to use software suite that is well balanced for both the casual and more advanced users. The suite does offer some functionality that a casual user might find difficult to navigate, but it is effective in what it does and non-intrusive in how it does it.

You can purchase iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense here at just $39.97 as of writing.