Iron Man is Doomed in “Infamous Iron Man” this Fall

Jul 9, 2016

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It appears that Riri Williams will not be the only new shell head in the Marvel Comics Universe this Fall, none other than Victor Von Doom will dawn the Iconic armor in the Infamous Iron Man as part of the Marvel NOW! publishing initiative.  Infamous Iron Man will be written by the legendary Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev.  Bendis and Maleev are the current creative team behind International Iron Man, which has been the sister book to Marvel’s flagship Invincible Iron Man title also written by Bendis that has been including Doom as major character since it’s launch in October 2015.  When Marvel NOW! begins post Civil War II, look for Infamous Iron Man to replace International Iron Man.


Ever since Victor Von Doom appeared front, and center of the Marvel NOW! promo image grasping Infamous IM PanelIron Man’s helmet speculation has run ramped that Marvel would put the famed villain in place of it’s most popular hero.  While that seems to be the case the question now becomes, where is Tony Stark?  Is it possible that Marvel would kill off the character that has become an International brand in his own right thanks to the on screen performances of Robert Downey Jr.? With the soon to be midnight released Civil War II #3 due out July 13th promising to kill off a beloved Marvel character anything is possible.  Remember Marvel did kill off Steve Rogers post the original Civil War, leaving him dead for nearly two years which is an eternity in comics.

Wether or not Tony Stark survives may be at the forefront of most fans minds, but love or hate the move between this and announcing 15 year old Riri Williams as another new Iron Man, the hype behind Marvel NOW! is at a fever pitch.  While Marvel is undoubtedly enjoying the trendiness as their brand rightfully progresses, they must continue to tread lightly to sustain the classic sensibilities of the brand we love or risk making multiple titles feel like what if stories.  What if Dr. Doom was Iron Man? I would read it, just like I plan on reading the Infamous Iron Man this Fall.

Doom Iron

What are your thoughts on Victor Von Doom taking over as Iron Man? What will be the fate of Tony Stark? Let us know in the comments below and tweet me @thereelbradbell to let me know if you plan on picking up this book!

(Source: CBR)