This Isn’t Your Usual Zombie Fare “Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde” Book Review

Feb 28, 2015


Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde

Author: Devan Sagliani

Be afraid be very afraid. Z-Day has come. That of course in case you have been locked in a cage for the past 10 years means the Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. If you are a fan of horror and love to read then I think I have another book to add to your collection, Zomibe Attack! Rise of the Horde.

Right from the get go author Devan Sagliani will have you feasting on this book like a freshly turned zombie who just discovered human flesh for the first time. Sagliani’s tale starts off at Vandenberg Air Force base where we meet our protagonist Xander. Xander is a teenage boy who has studied Tai Chi and other skills with the help and tutelage of his brother Moto. Xander is not your typical video game, comic reading, teenager if the Tai Chi wasn’t a clue enough. He is a born leader and very intelligent young man.

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Our adventure begins when Moto who is a big wig in the Armed Forces tells him Xander to stay put until he can come back to the base and retrieve him. Well things change drastically once the Zombie Horde ambush the base and take it over. With the help of a katanna sword Xander and a couple of kids at the base escape just in time as the base is overwhelmed by the flesh eating undead. Once they escape from the base get ready for an action packed thrill ride that does not slow down even for a second as the boys try to get make their way to Moto who is now stationed at Point Hueneme.

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This is not just another Zombie book in fact it’s far from it. Yes zombies are the main focus but the boys must eventually overcome much bigger obstacles and the Zombies become the least threatening thing in this world. From meeting Cannibals to over zealous religious fanatics who are trying to start the world all over. The boys wish Zombies were the only thing keeping them from Moto.

Sagliani has a great imagination and ability to create an engaging
drama. His character development is creative and very detailed as we get to know and love his characters. You will feel like you are one of the boys and preying that you make it to the base safely with them. This is a fun and entertaining read. You will not want be able to put this book down and will find yourself just keep turning the pages. Although, this book ends on a great cliffhanger, don’t worry, book two is out and you can continue this fantastic adventure with Xander and crew.

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