It’s A Inter-dimensional Apocalypse in “Gunsuits #1” Review

Jun 20, 2015

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Gunsuit-Preview-Cover-a-15bf7Gunsuits #1
American Gothic Press

Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: PJ Holden
Color by: Diego Rodriguez

Mayhem, mechs and monsters collide in an epic inter-dimensional battle in Paul Tobin’s Gunsuits #1. Monsters fighting men in giant mechanized death machines is always a good idea in this reviewer’s eyes, but in Paul Tobin’s version we get a unique twist that increases the scope, urgency, mystery and drama. In Gunsuits #1 Tobin introduces us to a world in which humanity has unlocked the secrets to inter-dimensional travel, but in doing so unleashed an ungodly horror and unexpected chain of events that could doom all realties.

Tobin and Holden present action packed, intense debut as we are very quickly introduced to our characters, plot and threat through in an engaging action and exposition in a pace that fits a four issue mini-series. Tobin really sells the concept and characters squeezing as much as he can out of 25 pages. The story never lets up and the pace is relentless as Captain Potts searches for the answers and methods to save humanity. It’s a lot to take in but Tobin is building a bid idea here that has potential to get even crazier than this first issue already is.Gunsuit-Preview-02-9cfb7

PJ Holden’s art is stellar and perfectly fitting of this type of story. His monster designs are frightening, disgusting and worthy of an interdimensional overload. Action sequences are brutally dramatic and every panel is filled to the brim with detail. Diego Rodriguez’s colors really bring everything to life as his expertly blends vibrant purples, oranges and blues with dark greens, blacks and browns.

Gunsuits #1 is an entertaining and different take for any fan of the Kajiu Battling genre and well worth the read for comic fans in general. Tobin is building a world with endless possibilities so this whole thing can go array quickly but as an introductory issue this was a fantastic start to what I hope ends up being an unforgettable tale.