Feb 15, 2020

Jake and Tom have done a lotta different types of shows through the years.  But in all that time, they’ve never done one devoted almost entirely to two of their favorite subjects: Red Meat and Beer!

Tom was lucky enough to get hooked up with a sampler pack of handmade beef jerky, courtesy of the local artisans at Twizted Jerky, and so he and Jake decided to review it live and on air!  So listen in as your two favorite drunken dorks give you their thoughts on it while also sampling from Tom’s collection of cellar aged beer.  Along the way, the guys discuss the series finale of “Arrow”, talk about Jake’s new hobby of brewing his own mead, and Tom learns the hard way that Carolina Reapers aren’t for the faint of heart.

To learn more about the products available from Twizted Jerky, be sure to contact them by email at TwiztedJerky@gmail.com or simply call them up by dialing 248-237-3266.


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