Apr 8, 2020

Let’s face it, we all have them – The movies that we know deep down in our heart are bad, but we love them anyway.  Whether its for their nostalgic value or their campy value, we don’t care what the world say & we watch them anyway.

That’s where Jake and Tom’s pal Randy comes in.

You see, in addition to his big dumb comedy show, “Miserable Retail Slave“, Randy is the host of a new program called “Someone’s Favorite Movie“.  In it, he discusses the forgotten classics, the hidden gems, and yes, the guilty pleasures that other shows tend to shy away from.

So listen in as he and the guys sit down to talk about the endurance needed to make it through the “Leprechaun” franchise, the jealousy Jake feels at not being included in this endeavor, as well the strange career of Adam Sandler.

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Copyright 2020 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Randy Perkins

Intro By HAB

Cover Art By Villain Archives