Aug 20, 2017

Jake and Tom have been playing the podcast game for awhile, now.

So, being the season veterans that they are, one would think that they’d know better than to start recording the show before they had any idea what they were gonna talk about.

And, of course, one would be wrong.

Turns out, though, Jake and Tom have been doing this long enough that they managed to pull out one of their funnier episodes simply by ditching their notepads & just speaking off the cuff.

Listen in as Jake recalls the time he missed an opportunity to land his dream job, the guys whine and moan that there’s too much of a good thing, Tom comes up with an idea for another podcast, Jake shares the story of wanting to strengthen the bond between him & his father after walking in on him during an awkward moment, the guys discuss what it means when a film is “unwatchable”, and Jake finally sits down to watch a classic stoner movie.

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Copyright 2017 Thomas Coe & Jacob Wilson

Intro By HAB

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