Dec 31, 2017

It’s the holidays, and Jake and Tom have decided to take a week off.  But rather than leaving their audience without an episode, they asked their pal, Peter, for a favor.

Y’see, a few years ago, Peter needed some similar help with his show, Podstalgic (formerly known as “Hydrate Level Four”), and Jake and Tom filled in for him for a week.  And this is that very episode.

For the uninitiated, Podstalgic is a great show in which Peter and his guests look back at movies from our collective past in order to see if they hold up to today’s standards. And for this episode, Jake and Tom revisited the two-hour pilot episode of “Lois and Clark” The New Adventures of Superman”.

Listen in as the guys discuss their memories of watching the show live, as well as what still works in the show & what might feel a little clunky after more than 20 years.

If you want to hear more of this type of podcast, you’re HIGHLY encouraged to listen to Peter on his podcasts Podstalgic and We Got Five.

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