James Gunn’s Friend and ‘Guardians’ Star Michael Rooker Says He Will Indeed Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Oct 30, 2018

ComicBook was able to get a few quotes out of actor Michael Rooker at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia where he suggests his friend James Gunn won’t only just write Suicide Squad 2, but also direct (as originally reported by TheWrap).

“It’s terrible, isn’t it? Yeah, but oh well, guess what? He’s on a gig already.┬áSuicide Squad, that’s right. He’s writing it and directing it as well,” Rooker said at the convention.

Rooker is a usual actor as he’s had a close personal relationship with James and wouldn’t speak out of turn.

There is also a really good chance Rooker will have a role waiting for him in Suicide Squad 2.

Dave Bautista has previously suggested he’d be interested in joining the project as well.

James Gunn was brought in when Gavin O’Connor decided to tackle the Ben Affleck sports drama Torrance instead.

Production dates have yet to revealed but it does sound like Gunn will start from scratch and would depend on when he completes his new script. Late 2019 or early 2020 for a production start wouldn’t be terribly shocking.


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