“James Wan Is The MASTER of Horror”: The Conjuring 2 (Movie Review)

“James Wan Is The MASTER of Horror”: The Conjuring 2 (Movie Review)

The Conjuring 2
Warner Brothers Pictures

Directed by: James Wan
Written by: Carey Hayes & Chad Hayes
Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe

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The Good:

Get used to it, but I’m going to be telling you often that director James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring) is an absolute MASTER of horror. Just like in The Conjuring, he teases you with the stereotypical horror tactics that we’ve all seen in other horror films. Then he throws you a bunch of curve balls so you’ll never really know what to expect. To make things even scarier, he even has the characters in the movie do what you or I would probably do in their situations. For example, if you saw a ghost, you’d probably run, right? I know I would.

If you allow me to nerd out a bit, I have to bring your attention to some of the unique camera angles that are used in the film. With the many horror films I’ve seen, I’ve never seen the ones he used in one of the “interview sessions”, for example. (You’ll know which one I’m referring to when you see it)



I would like to think that I’m one of those who don’t scare easy, but this movie had me cowering in my seat the entire time. It was simply so intense and suspenseful that I had to check my heart rate a few times. (I’m pretty sure I died twice)

If you’re a fan of James Wan’s other work, then you may also catch on to the fact that there are a lot of similar themes that the movies share. The rules in his “horror universe” are almost the same.

I think overall, the characters all delivered. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga continue to share great on screen chemistry.  As for the ghost in the film….it was scary. Matter of fact, I’m still in the process of trying to forget it, so that’s all I’ll say about it. :-/



The Bad:

This is 100% me simply nitpicking, but I was a little disappointed by the final moments of the movie. I’ve seen a ton of exorcism movies, and I thought that the final wrap up was a tad bit rushed.

The Reason:

If you liked Insidious 1 or 2, or the Conjuring (review), then you’ll enjoy this. I think it’s fair to say that this will probably be the best horror film for the year. Did I already mention that James Wan is the MASTER of horror? Honestly, I just don’t think there’s much of a comparison for another director in this decade.

Just like in one of my previous horror reviews, I do want to clarify the difference between “scary” and “Creepy”. “Scary” means that it will have moments that shock you with jump scares. “Creepy” is all about the overall feeling and atmosphere that sticks with you well after the movie is over. Many horror films today simply don’t find a nice balance between the two, or they just pile on a bunch of blood and gore to overwhelm you.

James Wan, in my opinion, transcended even himself by blending creepy and scary even more than before. I think that the Conjuring 2 is more than worth the watch and is a “Must See”in my book. I’ll tell you this, I’m not going to London, I don’t like nuns anymore, and I will never buy my children a fire truck.

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