Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast on Switch (Review)

A difficult review this was…

Jedi Knight 2 is one of my favorite games ever. I have so many great memories playing it as a kid and suffering through the first few levels (over and over) until finally getting the lightsaber and force powers. From then on the game is unbelievably fun. So let’s get my one recommendation out of the way now. Follow these steps to maximize your enjoyment:

  1. Launch the game and press pause
  2. Press the following keys in this order: d-pad up, d-pad down, L3, R3, L3
  3. Now you’re in the cheat menu: grant yourself a lightsaber (green baby!)

If you really want to have a blast with Jedi Knight 2 on Switch, sheeth your blasters. I emphatically recommend you give yourself a lightsaber and plow through the missions reflecting incoming fire and tossing your lightsaber around. The controls are frankly a challenge to become comfortable with. When you’re trying to aim with a blaster or crossbow, it’s incredibly imprecise, in my opinion. It’s certainly possible I’m just a curmudgeon who prefers a keyboard and mouse for shooters. Although I did enjoy Doom on Switch…

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the game itself, which has been reviewed plenty of time since it’s initial release on PC in 2002, is one of the most well-crafted games of all time. Developer Raven Software is responsible for the level design,l as well as plenty more. It’s the level design, however,r tha really stands out to me even now 17 years later. This game originally released back when shooters had hidden items tucked away behind giant crates and on top of hard to reach shelves. That is certainly present in Jedi Knight 2. More importantly, the levels are very well designed. You’ll find a ton of variety between each mission.

Jedi Knight 2 is available for just $9.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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