Jenny Zero II #1: Dark Horse Comics Review

May 9, 2022

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Jenny Zero is back, and readers of the first volume are getting more chaos from Dave Dwonch, Brockton McKinney and Magenta King. However, there were a few noticeable differences in Jenny Zero II #1 from prior issues.

Dark Horse
Written by: Dave Dwonch & Brockton McKinney
Art by: Magenta King
Colors by: Arnaldo Robles
Letters by: Dave Dwocnh

On the second page, Dwonch and McKinney dip into Mega Commander Zero’s past. They’re doing so via his journal, which means Jenny will take in this information about her father alongside readers. Given he’s reading some form of a graphic novel this first time we see him, never mind his age, it’s pretty clear he’s in a different mental space than he was before he passed.

Also, the art has a different vibe to it. New colorist Arnaldo Robles had a significant impact on that. Things were much darker in the first four issues, and Robles’ style brings new life to King’s work. But King’s line work is also part of why Jenny Zero II #1 wasn’t as gritty as anything we got from the first four volumes. His work was already good, but things just seem a little crisper.

Amidst all this, Dwonch, McKinney and King are building within the world of Jenny Zero, providing more details the group introduced at the end of the first arc. And while the action in Jenny Zero II #1 isn’t at the same level as the last issues from the first arc, it looks like Jenny Zero II #2 will be plenty action-packed.

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