Jessica Chaleff’s Favorite Games of 2021

Dec 24, 2021


The Geeks World Wide Gaming section presents our favorite games and gaming experiences of 2021.

Now, I’m not much of a gamer. I like playing games, but with my busy schedule, I just don’t have the time anymore. However, with that said, here are three games from 2021 that have jumped out at me from the vast sea of video games!

Happy Game

Published by: Amanita Design
Developed by: Amanita Design
Released on: October 28, 2021

I recently reviewed and played this game for this site and let me tell ya… it’s very different. It was like a breath of fresh air. A break from all the high graphic, in-depth story lines, and gritty titles that keep rolling out. The game controls were simple – just use your mouse with the occasional drag and drop, and the art style was simple, yet creepy. I said a lot more in my more in-depth review, and I don’t want to be a repeating record here. Personally, I’m very much into horror, but sometimes, I prefer the unsettling over all-out-gore and in-your-face scary for the sake of being scary. This game has the unsettling factor down perfectly, mixing what should be happy visuals, with nightmarish additions.

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Happy Game | Amanita Design - $13.13

Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Update

Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
Developed by: Mojang
Released on: Part I - June 8, 2021; Part II - November 30, 2021

The second half of the Caves and Cliffs update just recently landed, and, yes, this is an update and not a completely new game… or is it? This update honestly changes A LOT about Minecraft, paving the way for even more additions that will change everything you once knew about the game. The once predictable terrain of the Minecraft world has now changed forever. New biomes, higher mountains, deeper caves, even new cave biomes! It’s a whole new landscape, which means a whole new adventure. This isn’t the Minecraft you knew back in the day. It’s back with a new suit, a flashy haircut, and mysterious shades.1.

Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Update | Microsoft Games Studio - Free

Resident Evil: Village

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Released on: May 6, 2021

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I haven’t personally played this game, but boy was I looking forward to this coming out this year! If I can’t play the game, I watch YouTubers play the game, and the one YouTuber I LOVE, is 8-Bit Ryan, who happens to be a big Resident Evil fan. So, of course, I eagerly awaited his playthrough of the game. I know a lot of Resident Evil fans were waiting for this game with bated breath, and I like to think they were happy with this newest installment. It continued the storyline from the previous game and ended up creating a whole new storyline, a new chapter within the Resident Evil universe. The gameplay looked fantastic, the visuals were stunning, and the story sucked you in. What’s not to love?

Resident Evil: Village | Capcom- $59.99

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