Jessica Jones 2X05 Review

Mar 2, 2018

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Season 2, Episode 5

As the suspense, intrigue, and drama continue to build along this topsy-turvey of a season, our resident ‘don’t call her a hero’ Jessica Jones is faced with more unmake-able decisions than she can take shots. Our journey takes Jones along a series of breadcrumbs that point towards her tormented past. One of the central arcs of the season is her duality of resisting opening that door with all of her super-powered might, and her innate drive to open the box of broken fragments of her mind and piece them all back together and finally look at the puzzle that is the origin of Jessica Jones as a whole. The triangle connection, teetering between completely platonic and possibly something more, between Jessica, Trish, and Malcolm continues to evolve with more nuances, gut-wrenching challenges, and moments of heartwarming affection. The writing and performances delivered by this cast should without question land their names on the lips of every award nominee conversation that they would remotely qualify for.

The intensity of the multi-layered, enigmatic threats surrounding Jessica and her team fully evolves from Jessica being the largest danger to both herself and her friends, to now the hunter becoming the hunted. With the exact target and intention not completely known, Jessica faces one of the most difficult battles of her super career. Coming to terms with the notion that she may not truly be strong enough to encounter the threats on her own, conflicting with her innate desire to shove those she loves out of the way of danger and charge at it head-on. Our primary characters continue to become more and more akin to onions, as the seemingly endless amount of layers are peeled away revealing more and more characteristics, background, and plot driving actions, reactions, and conversations that bring even more to light. The delivery of these points is done to such a level of mastery that it yields some ah ha’s, not just to moments throughout the second season up to this point, but even throw backs to season one. It is such an absolute treat to watch this ensemble work its magic.

As the immediate presence of the threat becomes more and more apparent, actions befall the team that can result in imminent danger rising to the highest level. It is difficult to not find yourself holding your breath as the final few frames of episode five flash before your eyes, waiting, truly with baited breath, to see what will continue to unfold next. I cannot speak highly enough about the entire crew for this show, they truly pour their heart and souls into this production and it is unquestionably apparent. Eagerness, impatience, and excitement are all I can use to express how I feel anticipating what episode six and beyond will bring to us!