Join Us for the FuryCast! – Geeks on Screen Video Review of Mad Max: Fury Road

May 22, 2015

Pop a squat and grab a cool one! GWW Podcast Host Agasicles Stamas and writer Jonathan Reyes go deep on Mad Max: Fury Road. Jonathan and I both saw the movie opening weekend and we discuss our thoughts in the wake of the viewing. We come at the film from two different angles, colored by our history with the previous movies and our view on its relevance in today’s cinema landscape. Come give a listen to our thoughts on the franchise’s history, the best on-screen performances in this movie, and why other director’s need to see this film. As always, thanks again for joining in and please start up the discussion with your own thoughts in the comments below! You can check out Jonathan’s official GWW review of the movie here. And my own thoughts and personal review are over here.