Julie Deply and Linda Cardellini Magically Join ‘Avengers’; Someone Playing ‘Captain Marvel’?

Apr 1, 2015


Slash Film is reporting that actresses Julie Deply and Linda Cardellini have quietly been added to the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast lineup. Apparently, it’s been confirmed by Disney that they’re apart of the film as they were on cast list for the premiere.

It’s odd since they were never mentioned before and we know that every single casting addition is big news, even more so with female cast members since there’s still talk Captain Marvel will cameo in the film from two rather legit sources, no matter what Nerdist tries to say.

Could Juile or Linda be playing Carol Danvers in the film?

Linda Cardellini recently starred in the Netflix series Bloodline with Star Wars: Rogue One candidate Ben Mendelsohn and had a role on Mad Men. Let’s not ignore her comedic roots with being apart of that awesome Freaks and Geek cast, Regular Show and the underrated Grandma’s BoyBill Murray added Linda to his Ghostbusters casting wish-list.

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Linda has links to James Gunn via The Scooby Doo movie and Super.

The actresses known for being a brunette has rocked blonde locks for roles previously.

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 4.39.04 PM

I’m kind of on the fence when it comes to Julie’s chances, only because she doesn’t do these kinds of films. It also seems odd they’ve make Carol Danvers an American Air Force pilot French but stranger things have happened, and I’m sure they could use the international appeal for the film.

She has an indie edge that could be giant appeal for Marvel who tried to land Phoenix for Doctor Strange.

Thor: Ragnarok roles are also possible considering there said to be Asgard scenes in Ultron. I could totally see Julie playing either Hela or Amora The Enchantress.


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