Justice League Movie Cyborg Statue Review

Dec 26, 2017

Cyborg is definitely becoming a fan favorite character as he takes a more prominent role in the comics and grabs the attention of kids every day on the hit show Teen Titans Go. So you can imagine the excitement and anticipation that surrounded his live-action debut in Justice League (2017). Unfortunately, while a lot of fans were happy to see the mixture of man and machine on the big screen, his debut left much to be desired as the film’s CGI and his design didn’t do the character in favors and was often a low point of the movie itself. But if you were a fan of Cyborg and his unique, pixelated design, DC Collectibles has a statue you need to add to your collection.

Sculpted by Alterton and standing at approximately 13″ the Justice League Cyborg Statue is a detailed and intricate piece that doesn’t quite capture the shine and presence of its on-screen inspiration. Starting from top to bottom, the head sculpt is clean and seamless, with the exact blank expression, Ray Fisher often has in the film. Its the most comic accurate part of the design and immediately draws you eye despite how busy the rest of the statue is. The neck, shoulders and chest spot most of the intricate details as you can see each piece of metal that now makes up his skeleton. The neck and chest are both detailed but extremely busy as the body appears to have multiple layers and each are designed so they are visible. This makes for an impressive sculpt but there is so much going on and everything is so jagged, it’s just at as esthetically pleasing a smoother design would be. I also think the paint job leaves a lot to be desired as its very dull and grey and while that’s okay for the inner skeleton, it would have been very eye-catching and more accurate to the movie if they used a metallic and shiny paint job on the outlay, mainly the head and chest. And while we are on the chest, it would be a huge benefit to have had a chest light inserted into the piece to give the chest the needed glow and extra wow factor. The paint job looks nice and does give a glowing appearance under the right flash, but sitting on the self it just looks like a red streak in a sea of black.

Continuing down the sculpt there isn’t much to be excited about after the chest, the arms and legs are probably my least favorite part of this design, and I know this isn’t the statue’s fault but unfortunately I am just not a fan of the way the limbs look on Cyborg’s body. Their diminutive size really takes away from the whole design and makes the figure look off balance. Again, I know this isn’t the fault of the statue and in comparison to the movie the arms and legs actually look better but overall, this was a poor choice that takes away from the rugged beauty of this piece.

Even though I am not a fan of these particular Cyborg design and it was only made worse by some terrible CGI on the big screen, I can’t deny the detail that went into this statue. Every piece appears to have been placed individually and it does appear who could walk off the pedestal at any moment. Cyborg fans may have issue with this story but only because the design choice isn’t what they are used to seeing, but if you love Justice League and Vic Stone’s first live-action appearance you should seriously consider this man of metal for you self.