Justice Society of America: The New Golden Age Part One #1: DC Comics review

Nov 29, 2022

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Returning to one of his comfort zones, writer Geoff Johns brings another chapter to the Justice Society of America. With the fallout of Flashpoint Beyond spreading, a new JSA villain has formed.  Can this storied team survive this, or will it fail before it can begin,  

DC Comics 
Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Mikel Janin

Colors by Jodie Bellaire
Letters by: Rob Leigh

In the future, the JSA will be reformed, not with the legacies of former members but with former villains. Helana Wayne, not having many options, recruits as best as she can to help maintain the ranks. With a bizarre disappearance, things start to unravel for Huntress and the other members. 

 As the first in the new series, Justice Society of America does well in giving a backstory and setting up the changing events. Given the vast and rich history of the JSA, the story plays into Johns’s strength. The series already features the children of classic villains, alluding to their parents making an appearance. 

With the story benefitting from a wealth of characters to play with, the story has the potential to showcase forgotten heroes and villains. Johns is renowned for understanding and reimaging these characters, and the JSA is bursting with them. 

With prior experience working on other team books, Janin’s art is well-suited, and that is shown throughout the issue. Each character uniquely incorporates the parents’ powers into the children’s designs. With balanced panels, readers can also enjoy Janin’s art. 

Justice Society of America sets the stage for the series moving forward. Both Johns and Janin experience with team books allows for each to show off and complement the other. Hopefully, with 80 years of story to pull from, we don’t see the same characters or have it become another Batman book. 

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