The Kamandi Challenge #10 Review

Oct 25, 2017

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The Kamandi Challenge #10
DC Comics

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Shane Davis
Inks by: Michelle Delecki

Colors by: Hi-Fi
Letters by: Clem Robbins

As we are nearing the end of The Kamandi Challenge, issue 10 is taken over by the team of Greg Pak and Shane Davis and this team does not disappoint as we dive into another action filled adventure with Kamandi. There are a few key things that we look forward too in this series. First, is seeing how the new writer will save Kamandi in whatever trap he is left in, what new animal hybrids we may see, and what will the cliffhanger will be? Turns out Kamandi was somewhat safe all along as the robots that had been dragging the animals from the previous issue written by Tom King were being used for studies. Since Kamandi is a human, he is spared and is to be immediately brought to the Commander, as he is a rarity of his kind.

This is a fast-paced issue as we are thrown into action quickly with Kamandi breaking into an escape and quickly thinking off of his feet. This is probably the first time we see a fully confident Kamandi as he has grown with a stronger mind and a stronger body to fight for himself. He easily evades the giant robots makes his escape, only to come across sharks with machine guns!! I had a good laugh seeing this hybrid because they are just sharks with arms drawn on them but they are still confined to the water. The best part is how they are essentially like a biker gang with tattoos and piercings attached on them. They help Kamandi meet with another group of hybrid animals that have taken up arms against the robots and the Commander. He decides to help them and takes it upon himself to fight with them.

This act helps to reinforce how much stronger and more confidant Kamandi has become. No longer needing someone by his side in his fights, instead finally taking the fight to them. We also are brought back with him trying to find his mother and he seems more determined than ever to do so. The issue also decides to deliver us who this Commander is and we get confrontations of the Commander with Kamandi! Kamandi also finally finds his mother and learns a little bit why the world is the way it is and how they can save the planet together. It’s great seeing this big smile on Kamandi as it feels like we are finally getting some payoff amidst this long and wild journey.

Greg Pak delivers a great action packed issue, which is something we all have come to expect from the Kamandi series. Not all have been perfect, but this one delivers on the fun. Shane Davis’ art style also helps to match the tone for this issue, bringing things alive and loud as the crazy is amped up with all that Kamandi continues to run into. Even though each issue feels unique, this run continues to bring what Kamandi is all about.