Eminem Drops Surprise Album “Kamikaze”

Aug 31, 2018

Last night at around 11 CST, Em dropped his surprise album “Kamikaze”. No marketing, no leaks, he kept it under wraps.  Presumably because he last album was heavily scrutinized before it even released after seeing the features.  With features like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Kehlani, many critics bashed him for being to pop.

Slim’s new project has features from Joyner Lucas, Royce 5’9″ and Jessie Reyez, all up and comings. Also has a track from the highly anticipated film Venom. The quality is superb as it is produced by non other than Dr. Dre and Em himself.

Following his latest album ‘flop’ Revival, he goes in depth throughout Kamizaze acknowledging his mistakes and criticism. He brings out the inner Slim Shady in him and goes off on current Rappers and the Hip Hop scene today.  The message is pretty clear that he doesn’t want to conform to modern Hip Hop norms however Revival was just that. Maybe he learned and finally snapped. It’s no question he is back though as this album is somewhat of a lyrical masterpiece.  Some of the bars are insanely deep that you might miss them your first play through.

“Next time you don’t have to use Tech 9ne when you wanna drop a sub, Machine Gun. I’m not gonna say no names you already know who you are Kelly.”

Em went savage referring to artist, Machine Gun Kelly while also referencing R. Kelly and his daughter Haley being underage. Deep Em. Deep.  There is many other bars that highlight his greatness so check it out in it’s entirety below:

“Revival didn’t go Virallll”

No Slim, it didn’t. But you totally redeemed yourself with this one.