Killjoys Season 2 Roundtable Interview

Jun 29, 2016

I took the advice of a friend and started watching Killjoys on SyFy, and since then I have rewatched the first season over and over and over again. Thankfully, the second season premieres on Friday July 1st, and I along with every other fan cannot wait. The Killjoys, Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch), Aaron Ashmore (Johnny), and Luke Macfarlane (D’avin), sat down with reporters to answer some questions and give a few teasers ahead of the season two premiere.

The chemistry and comradery between the three characters onscreen is part of what makes Killjoys such an amazing show to watch. I wasn’t surprised that their endearment transcends off-screen as I listened to Hannah, Aaron, and Luke laugh and joke together as they answered questions. At one point, Aaron casually stated, “I miss you guys”. The dynamic between the characters and the actors is what draws fans in, then add in the science fiction elements as well as the action scenes and it’s easy to see why Killjoys is such a popular show.

I asked Hannah, Aaron, and Luke to describe season two in one word;

Hannah: “I’m going to say Steroid as in it’s made even bigger.”

Luke: “Family.”

Aaron: “I am going to say Complexityhe continued, “Steroid, family, complexity.”

Luke: “Come watch our show.”                  

It seems like season two is going to be action packed, but also still keeping with the themes of family and friendship which are such important aspects to the show. Hannah teased more of Dutch’s mysterious past being revealed, including her tumultuous relationship with Khalen. We will see more of what motivates Khalen; why he took D’avin at the end of season one, and he may not be the villain he appears to be. Character development is going to be evident in season two, and not just for Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin. The supporting characters will be interacting with the main characters a lot more. We will see more of Pree, Dr. Pawter Simms and Alvis.

One of the mysteries in season one was whether or not “Level 6 Killjoys” existed or not. In one of the final episodes it was confirmed that Level 6 Killjoys are real, and Luke Macfarlane gave us a hint of what to expect:

“It’s not as simple and it’s not as good or evil as we originally thought.” He added, “The actual physical sort of makeup of a Level 6 becomes a big story point.”

This comment is intriguing because the last time we saw Mcfarlane’s character D’avin, he was being held captive in what appeared to be some sort of medical building on the moon Arkyn. The name of this medical building and secret program regarding Level 6 Killjoys is the same; Red 17. I have been so curious about Red 17 and didn’t hesitate to ask the cast what information they could give out.

Aaron: “We get into Red 17 right off the bat.”

Luke: “We learn a lot more about it. We learn it’s an institution that’s been around for a very, very, very long time, and they have some evil plans.”

Hannah: “Red 17 is connected to something that is very much in our lives.”

Everything regarding Red 17 is still a mystery but I will say I am even more excited to find out some answers on July 1st!

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