King Spawn #2 (REVIEW)

Sep 20, 2021

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King Spawn #2

Sean Lewis and Javi Fernandez loudly the tone for King Spawn in the series-opening issue. Somehow, they kicked things up a notch with King Spawn #2.

Image Comics
Written by: Sean Lewis with Todd McFarlane
Art by: Javi Fernandez
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Letters by: Andworld Design

Picking up essentially right where King Spawn #1 left off, readers found out this issue who’s behind the latest acts of violence in Spawn’s world. For those wondering if you’ll get a new friend or a familiar face opposite of Spawn — I expected the latter — you get your answer on the first page.

And by telling readers who’s the puppet master in all of this, Lewis establishes the pace for the series, too. There may not always be a ton of action, but things are going to move at a brisk pace. So far, that approach has made the book feel much smoother than the average Spawn book.

Not that King Spawn #2 is devoid of action. It’s limited, however, the stuff we do get is intense. What’s more, it feels like the action we do get in King Spawn #2 could have a massive ripple effect.

It’s no surprise Lewis has been tabbed as the writer of the third new Spawn book we’re expected to see this year, The Scorched. He’s shown both an amazing feel for Spawn through two issues of this series and the ability to take the character places he hasn’t yet been.

Score: 9

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