King Spawn #5 (REVIEW)

Dec 16, 2021

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King Spawn #5

Plain and simple: King Spawn #5 is further affirmation this is a can’t-miss series. Sean Lewis has a great understanding of Todd McFarlane’s legendary character — that was made clear early on. But what’s more impressive is how he’s been able to tell a story new and old Spawn readers can invest in.

Image Comics
Written by: Sean Lewis with Todd McFarlane
Art by: Javi Fernandez
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Letters by: Andworld Design

Lewis is introducing new readers to characters who played immensely important roles in Al Simmons’ evolution into Spawn, but that’s not at all impacting the pacing of the story. And King Spawn started off at a breakneck pace in the first few pages of the series-opening issue, too.

With King Spawn #5, Lewis turns back the clock even further for Simmons. As much as this issue connects Spawn’s genesis to his current problem, what’s more important is King Spawn #5 also firmly answers a question regarding the life of Al Simmons that was impacted by things happening off the page. And while that detail is interesting on its own, things are even more interesting because of Spawn’s current relationships.

On top of all the juicy details Lewis provides, Javier Fernandez’s artwork continues to shine. Metaphorically, not literally — some rather gruesome stuff takes place on these pages. He and FCO Plascencia have amazing chemistry, which is on display in King Spawn #5 as much as any issue.

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