Knight Squad 2 (Review)

May 18, 2021


Knight Squad 2 Announcement

Knight Squad 2

Murder hobos rejoice for Chainsawesome Games has released Knight Squad 2. This 1-8 player, party game has been a delightful addition to our home. Whether you prefer to start bare-handed or with a Book of Fire, there is a variable and mode for you. I found it macho with an over-the-top majesty.

Publisher: Chainsawesome Games
Release Date: April 14, 2021

The game boasts:

  • 97 Battle Arenas, most of which must be unlocked
  • 13 different game mode that are always available
  • And a metric ton of variables to help make the match your own

With all the martial mayhem, I was glad to see that no fellow knights can be harmed in the making of a victory. In other words, there is no friendly fire. Therefore, no need to worry whether you hit a teammate.

Knight Squad 2 is full of “chaotic arcade action.”

Knight Squad 2 room

Each knight had a charming personality in Knight Squad 2 to go with their assigned color. Each knight’s weapon is upgradeable making leveling up a covetous reward. Chainsawesome also added hints to unlock new knights. Cue Sparkles!

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Now, let’s talk Online Mode. If you ever played Baldur’s Gate, you would recognize the structure of the rooms in Knight Squad 2. You can search, join, and create a room with password protection or without. Meanwhile, up to 8 people can join a room.

I did find the game tedious if not playing with someone. Luckily, there are many ways to remedy that with local and online rooms. In addition, a couple of us at the GWW felt that our character was difficult to track on a small Switch screen. So, throw it up on the big screen when you can.

Gladiator Mode in Knight Squad 2

You can find Knight Squad 2 digitally on Steam, Xbox One, Switch, and the Epic Games Store. Conveniently, it’s the perfect complement to a road trip or party, even if just virtual.

I prefer to play Solo in Gladiator mode the most starting with a simple sword. The kid, he favors Sparkles in Soul Hunter complete with unicorn. It’s all up to you in Knight Squad 2, heavy on rainbows and sparkles for a game of indiscriminate slaughter.

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