The Lady Killers: How You Can Support This Independent Film

May 16, 2014

10015059_306376002851343_5670443906970543388_oSeven men. Several crimes. Gratuitous sex. Shocking violence. Murder. Mystery. Suspense.
It is just a game.
A dark comedy focusing on a game of romantic conquest gone wrong, THE LADY KILLERS examines the ways exploitation, in its many forms, leads to violence.
Award-winning filmmaker Phil Leirness has been hailed for “his unique talent for drawing complex characters balanced with stylish entertaining cinema” (Al Owens, Cinequest). THE LADY KILLERS will be the seventh feature film he has directed. Leirness is also a California state certified Violence Prevention Specialist.
About his new film, Leirness has stated, “If done correctly, THE LADY KILLERS will be one of those dark comedies (like IN THE COMPANY OF MEN and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) that continues to resonate with, disturb and delight audiences for many years after its initial release.
Along with his producing partners Burt Bulos, Lily Holleman and Dean Haglund, Leirness is seeking to offset half the costs of post-production and be able to finish the film in time for the Sundance Film Festival deadline through an Indiegogo campaign.
People are encouraged to visit to watch the trailer, read about the film, peruse the many publicity stills and hopefully donate that spare change between the sofa cushions. Even $1 truly does make a difference.
An actor and writer who has now turned to producing, Burt Bulos will be seen in a recurring role on the new Amazon series Bosch based on the best-selling novels 10246378_305341552954788_2348438992384341597_nby Michael Connelly. An acclaimed theatre actress who has won numerous acting awards for the independent film @urFRENZ, Lily Holleman has appeared in recurring roles on both Southland and Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union.
Dean Haglund is best known as “Langly”, one of the computer-hacking “Lone Gunmen” from The X-Files and their own spin-off series. He is also a legendary improv comic, an inventor and painter.
Together, Haglund and Leirness also co-host Chillpak Hollywood Hour (, a free weekly podcast that just entered its 8th year. They have been called “Podcast royalty” by Marc Hershon of the Huffington Post and Succotash.
Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness can be reached at

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