Sep 7, 2021


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Last Flight Out # 1

When you get right down to it most people would agree we are all trying to do the best we can here on Earth. We want to make the most of time we are given. But what do you do when you realize that window is closing fast and you were so focused on one task you simply didn’t make enough time for another equally “critical” job. Marc Guggenheim and Eduardo Perigato take readers on a journey of sacrifice and self examination. Brace yourself for a last ditch effort in Last Flight Out # 1.

Dark Horse Comics

Writer & Co-Creator: Marc Guggenheim
Artist & Co-Creator: Eduardo Ferigato
Colorist: Marcelo Costa
Letterer & Designer: Diego Sanches

Dr. Ben Caewood is not much different from many individuals we all encounter. When we first meet him he is hard at work on what appears to be an engine. Unfortunately this day he should have been somewhere else, in the delivery room for the birth of his daughter. Ben wouldn’t be the first man to miss the birth of a child. I can relate and know the gnawing he would feel about it. However over the next few pages Last Flight Out shows that the pattern of absenteeism continues over the years. Dr. Caewood just isn’t there for his family. Holed up in his lab the story shows that he has a job to do and being a dad isn’t it.

We soon discover what Dr. Caewood has been doing instead of being a parent to Sara. In one massive scene Ferigato and Costa’s art show us what Ben has been working on, Tevat Noah III. This shuttle is the last means of transport for anyone wanting to escape what may be Earth’s final fate.

Last Flight Out does a great job of presenting the complicated existence that Ben Caewood has endured. On one hand readers see a man so focused he has no time for the “little” things, the things that ultimately make life matter. Then just when you start to hate the guy you realize he is one of the people who sees the big picture.

This comic does such an outstanding job presenting thought provoking moments. Dr. Caewood encounters individuals who attempt to dissuade him in his journey to get his daughter to the Tevat’s launch. They all have different reasons. The Secretary General sees Ben as important to the launch and views his actions as impulsive. The soldiers helping him search for Sara, who want to make it back to join their families for launch, see him as being selfish and reckless. Within the pages of this issue so many emotional conversations take place and the artists capture them perfectly with close ups of the characters faces.

Dark Horse Comics gives readers a cinematic scale story with Last Flight Out. Ben Caewood is a man who is running out of time to complete an important mission. For the first time it’s his daughter and her well being. Will it be too little too late?

Score: 10

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