LayerZero Labs Airdrop Turmoil Leads to Temporary Reporting Pause

May 20, 2024

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LayerZero Labs Airdrop Chaos and Temporary Pause – Crypto News


LayerZero Labs CEO, Bryan Pellegrino, announces a temporary pause to the airdrop reporting process after receiving 30,000 appeals and 3,000 bounty reports due to Sybil activity concerns.


LayerZero Labs, the creators of LayerZero blockchain protocol, are dealing with challenges related to Sybil activity during their first airdrop, aiming for transparency and fairness. CEO Pellegrino faces a chaotic situation after the airdrop launch.

Main Points

In response to widespread appeals and bounty reports, Pellegrino halts the reporting process for a brief period to address the issues, including accounts being erased and automated reporting systems. A proposed 0.02 eth bond could help deter inappropriate activity. The company’s recent funding round valued LayerZero at $3 billion, with six million wallets interacting with the protocol.


LayerZero Labs’ airdrop faced challenges with Sybil activity, prompting a temporary pause in reporting. The company’s efforts to combat unfair practices and ensure fairness in their protocol demonstrate their commitment to transparency and integrity in the crypto space.