LayerZero Sybil Self-Reporting: Enhancing Security Through Community Engagement

May 18, 2024

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LayerZero Sybil Self-Reporting Initiative


LayerZero initiated a self-reporting phase for sybil farmers, resulting in the identification of over 800K potential sybil addresses.


LayerZero introduced a Sybil self-reporting initiative allowing users to report fake or duplicate sybil addresses within the network to enhance security.

Main Points

After the self-reporting phase, 803,093 potential sybil addresses were identified, with users receiving 15% of intended tokens and the remaining 85% going to qualified users. A bounty hunt starting on May 18, 2024, aims to reward individuals who identify and report authentic sybil addresses, promoting community engagement in securing the network. The final sybil list will be released after the closure of the bounty hunt on May 31.


The Sybil self-reporting initiative by LayerZero aims to combat fraudulent activities within their ecosystem, promoting transparency and community involvement to ensure network integrity.