Leap Day news abounds | Hololens, Raspberry Pi 3 and iPad Pro Rumors

Mar 2, 2016

This year is a leap year, and sadly, Leap Day had to be on a Monday. But, alas, we had some really great things happen on Leap Day. And after trying to write the big ones, and the hassle it was turning into, I decided to make a video instead. Greater hassles then ensued. But, at the end of it, we have news on the Hololens; a new Rapsberry Pi; and iPad Pro rumors to discuss.

Pre-order the HTC Vive here, if you have the ability to.

Read about the new Raspberry Pi here.

Grab a Hololens dev kit, if you have a spare $3000 here.

Read more about the upcoming iPad Pro rumors here.

Of the news, I wonder, what do you find the most interesting?  What’s caught your eye that I didn’t get in today’s video?  Let me know down in the comments below or on Twitter @geekindad