Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights (1×04)

Feb 15, 2016

A fresh look at the Legends of Tomorrow CW/DC Comic world. Spoilers to follow.

The crew travels into the 80’s at the height of the Cold War.  They break into the Pentagon to retrieve a file on Savage.  Kendra lets out her ancient warrior side out.  “Oh wonderful we have a demigoddess that gone completely berserk,” remarks Rip, as there plan quickly blows up.  Kendra attacks a bunch of people at the Pentagon and Rip actually calls her a ‘winged avenger’, is that a connection to the actual Marvel Avengers ,or is it just that she is channeling the anger she has over the loss of Carter in the wrong way?  Rip puts Sara up to the job to help Kendra control the demigoddess within her.  Sara may not be good with her feelings, but she should have confided in Kendra about her own ‘bloodlust’ early on. I mean she almost killed Kendra!

On their way to the U.S.S.R. they find out that Chronos has followed them, Rip skillfully avoids him, but ultimately crash lands the Waverider.  I’m surprised by the lack of damage to the ship, considering they wouldn’t move it away from the crash site.  I think that the U.S.S.R. would investigate the crash site especially after learning that Rip doesn’t have a pilots license.

After Rip gives Kendra a little insight into Sara’s past he explains that he was hoping that Kendra would ‘coax out her human side from the darkness of the Lazarus Pit’.  Now both female crew members have developed a special bond, due to their shared demons.  I am really glad that the writers intend to flesh out a female friendship without stirring up unnecessary romantic entanglements.

Meanwhile, Ray and Snart try to charm Valentine Vostok, a scientist that is working with Savage, into telling them what his plan.  Ray strikes out, only to have Leonard chivalrously swoop in to save her from ‘the man who is bothering her’.  She tells Leonard that she is not a damsel in distress, to which Leonard replies with “Good, because I’m not a white knight”.  I really enjoyed this scene because we get to see a little romance, an elements that has been lacking since Carter’s departure.  Although, the romance is short lived and was used for means of getting Valentina to talk; it’s still nice to see.  I hope the writers develop a really good romance between some of the central characters later in the series.  In addition, we get to see Ray get knocked down a few notches by Leonard.  Ray means well, but in my opinion he is a bit full of himself.

In the file, the crew steals from the Pentagon, it mentions ‘Project Svarog’, named after a Russian mythological God of Fire. If Savage is trying to recreate Firestorm, I want to know if he is going to attempt to recreate others from the team. Savage had previously tried to get more information on the Atom’s super suit, but will he try to inadvertently invent Captain Cold or Heat Wave’s guns?

Rip and Mlot-rip-and-druce-300x168ick team up to go finish off Chronos. Finding Rip’s old mentor, Druce, instead. Rip was offered a deal, “End this foolish crusade and return with mine to the vanishing point.”  What the heck is a vanishing point? Is it a time ,or a place? What do the Time Master’s really do?  Sorry too many questions for such a short scene.  I really like the lighting choice during this scene. Both Rip’s and Druce’s faces are half shadowed in darkness, demonstrating that they both have dark sides and deceiving one another.  Mick, whom is much more observant than anyone really expects, tells Rip that Druce is not really offering a deal.  Mick recognizes that the deal is a distraction from his real mission, to kill the entire crew. Rip doesn’t believe him at first but when they come back later to face Druce, we find out that Mick was correct.

Jefferson and Professor Stein get separated by an explosion. With Jefferson being injured, Professor Stein gets worried almost as a parent would.  Back at the ship Jefferson and Professor Stein have a big argument.  We finally learn a little about Jefferson’s family life. Professor Stein explains to Ray, about the burden he carries from losing Ronnie (his previous Firestorm partner). “I’m the one who has to go back to 2016 and tell his mother that her little boy is never coming home, and I would rather die than do that.”  We get to see the concern Professor Stein has for Jefferson.  Later, this grief causes Professor Stein to sacrifice himself, as he absorbs the power of the thermal core; we see the concern returned from Jefferson’s perspective.  This has been quite a ‘bromantic’ episode, all the men are being ‘white knights’ for one another.

During the conflict at the lab we also see that Ray disobeys Leonard’s commands to not turn the power back on; he can’t sacrifice his teammate.  Leonard is troubled during the closing scene, as they are forced to abandon some of their comrades.  Raymond, Mick, and Professor Stein were all taken hostage in the ‘impenetrable Soviet gulag.’  Looks like next week will be all hands on deck for an epic rescue mission.  I am excited to see what happens as the remaining few fight to return their team back to its full strength.

White Knights,” is the first Legends of Tomorrow episode where I feel connected as a viewer.  I think the audience’s connection with these characters, parallels the bond formation on screen. We have now almost come full circle on learning more personal details about each character; still patiently waiting for more information on Mick.  This is also the first episode where we see them leave the crew in jeopardy; normally they atlas complete the mission and move on to the next one.  Stay tuned.

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