Legends of Tomorrow: Night of the Hawk (1×08)

Mar 14, 2016

*Warning: Spoilers to Follow*

imageI have to start out by saying that I was thoroughly distracted during this week’s episode due to the fact that we didn’t get to see what happened to Mick. I was waiting for a flashback or a hint of what actually happened. Jax attacks Leonard about what happened to Mick periodically throughout this episode, “if you can freeze your best friend, what could you do to us?” Jax doesn’t see the big picture until the very end; Leonard was protecting the team because Mick was out of control. When Jax was turned into one of Savage’s creepy hawk creatures, Leonard had a chance to kill him, but he took the higher road and didn’t. I love that Leonard has fully accepted every aspect of his role as a hero. Although, he is a bit mopey during this episode from losing his best friend and partner, but he only complains once about it to Rip, “I only have one partner, and that’s not you.” I highly dislike that we don’t know what happened to Mick, and I hope they tell us soon.

Kendra and Ray got to ‘play house’ this episode, and it was really cute to start off with; but then Savage showed up on their door step. Ray over stepped his bounds by not wanting Kendra to go alone to confront and possibly kill Savage. I understand where Kendra was coming from though. In their relationship she needs to be imageable to do things on her own. She is a strong woman, a hawk demigoddess, and enjoys her independence to decide what her own fate or destiny will be. I know Savage said he was building a hawk army, but I think that he was trying to build another hawk demigod that he would be able to kill and steal the life force from. I loved her conversation with Savage at the dinner party, “Fate is a prison, if we don’t have free will, what’s left?”

I want to break down the difference between fate and destiny. Fate is something you have no control over. Destiny is something that you’re meant to do. I have touched on this subject before. I believe that fate cannot be avoided; for example it was fate that Kendra and Carter’s son died. The manner of which he died changed, but he could not escape his fate. However, with destiny one’s own choices effect the outcome. The whole team made the choice to go on this journey to end Savage before he takes over the world. So in turn they made it their destiny.

I really enjoyed the jump to the 50’s. It was fun seeing the sets and the costuming. I also imagereally enjoyed how they added in some the political issues of that time as well. African Americans were still looked down upon, and I though both Jax and Kendra did a wonderful job at standing up for themselves against the ‘backwards-thinking’ folks. Jax stands up for himself and Betty in the diner against the high school jocks. I honestly did not like Betty’s character at all. She was too easily impressed and her boyfriend, Tommy, had only just gone missing when she was already trying to kiss Jax! I get that she was probably seeking some emotional comfort, but at the same time I was just appalled at how fast she was attempting to move on. Especially at the end of the episode when we see her back with Tommy, happy as a clam.

imageWe also get to see Sara experience her first kiss since she had been resurrected. Which is fascinating! You would think someone who has died would want to take pleasure in enjoying a relationship; or at least a one night stand. But I’m assuming she has pushed many people away because of her ‘blood-lust’ issues that she was having. Her humanity had been lost, and recently having found it, I’m glad we get to see a more romantic side of her. I am also glad that we get to see her ‘liberate’ the other nurse, helping her realize that being a lesbian is not a bad thing.

imageChronos is such a determined character. Showing up at the end, attacking Leonard, Jax, Professor Stein and Rip aboard the ship. As the rest of the crew are returning to the ship we see it take off without them! They have no idea that Chronos has come back or why they are being left behind in the 1950’s. I hope they don’t leave us waiting for answers in the next episode, which is to air on March 31st!

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