Lenovo Yoga 7i 15 2-in-1 laptop: Tour & Impressions

Dec 14, 2020


This is the Lenovo Yoga, 7i, this is a 15 inch 2 in one without a discrete GPU typically 15 inch machines tend to be for gamers or for developers that you might find a work station in a 15 inch form factor. But this one is it’s a productivity machine. It’s a casual use machine. It’s not very expensive. 

So this is not the full review this, or just my impressions and initial tour of the device will show you the ports could be a walk around in a sense and I’ll talk about the specs and then I want you to tell me what it is that you’d like me to tell you when I do my final review in the next several weeks after I test it out and play with it for a bit. 

So let’s get started with the tour and then we’ll go from there, so first of all let’s talk about ports. So we have on the right hand side 2, USB a ports full sized and a power button gets you could look at that right there. There is the power button on the other side. 

2 Thunderbolt 4 ports. 

And a headphone Jack this is a pretty thin machine. Let me give you an idea of how thin this is. 

Here’s a pen. 

Pretty darn thin for a 15 incher with a 2 in one design. The 2 in ones tend to be a little bit thicker than regular regular laptops along the back. We had the ventilation chambers. 

And the hinges get a good look at those. 

So I like this machine. I like the way it looks but we’ve got to continue the tour by doing the one hand open test. 

It’s a famously known advance. 

Yeah, so that’s really tight. I’ll do some work on the handle. I’ll spend some time. Working it over. Hopefully, that that helps us out a bit. But for now, let’s dive back in so keyboard deck is a full size keyboard deck, which is very welcome. Thank you. Lenovo trackpad is positioned directly under the spacebar. There is backlighting. It’s probably 3 stage it is 3 stage. 

Ann is the typical U shape keys from Lenovo. 

Right there full size number pad on the right hand side that blends in with the keyboard. I typically don’t like that. I like a little bit extra separation. Just so it kind of stands out, but I don’t know if that, really matters to most people or has any practical use. There is a fingerprint reader right here. But there is no windows hello sign in for your face. 

Only for the fingerprint. 

The display is 1080 P. It’s pretty bright so far, but I haven’t done any testing on it. 

And I’m holding it upside down right now, just to show you that there is a webcam here and it has very hard to pick up on camera, but it has one of those think shutters so you can. It’s really hard to tell but you can kind of slide your finger over and now the webcam is blocked so nobody can spy on you. 

And you know what you do weird things alright, so specifications. This particular model has the new new ish I 71165 G. 7 CPU which is 2.8 GHz and turbos up to 4.7 has 4 cores 8 threads and 12 MB cache. 

This particular laptop has 12 gigs of Ram. I’m noticing that one in every 3 laptops or so that I get from Lenovo. I tend to get a lot from them. They are an amazing partner. They tend to be specs. I can’t find on the US store so this might be for another region. I’m not quite sure, but English version of Windows is installed so. 

Tend to believe that it’s just. 

Maybe for reviewers. I don’t know, but 12 gigs of ram the 8 Gigabyte of ram model is the only model I found on the Lenovo website and that was priced at 11:50. So maybe this would be 1300. I don’t know, but that’s a really good price for a 15 inch 2 in one like this. It’s very cool. This does have the I 7 Ivo GPU, which is not a discrete GPU it’s an absolute sin. 

I did call like an IPO it’s part of the sock for the CPU. So we’ll do some testing on that and see if we can get any type of like. 

Decent gaming benchmarks off of it. I also have a 13 inch that I’m reviewing so same thing, Lenovo with very similar specs 16 gigs of ram so hopefully with that machine and this one side by side and get some tests and see how that all goes so you. Tell me what you want to know about this here 2 and one from Lenovo and I’ll run those particular tests and benchmarks for you and then? Yeah. 

We’ll go from there, definitely test the battery life. You know, one last comment. That 13 inch. I references called, is called the yoga. 9 I and when I did that benchmark I was floored. 

I got 9 hours of battery life off of a video test a loop to video test really, really good so anyhow. We’ll get to all that with this machine you. Let me know exactly what you want to see. And I will pull it together. Thanks a lot for watching see on the next one. 


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