Less Bloody Justice and More Character in “Tomboy #2” (Review)

Dec 31, 2015


Tomboy-02-1-3b515Tomboy #2
Action Lab Comics

Written & Illustrated by: Mia Goodwin

Finally, I get to read more of this series! Not that there was any delay from release dates. No, I’m just really impatient. Tomboy #1 left at such a mysterious and tense point whetting my appetite in anticipation to learn what is going to happen next.

Issue #2 picks up well where #1 leaves off giving great congruity between the two. Story telling, dialogue, excellent artwork and atmosphere continue into issue #2 without any sense of deviation or loss of quality.Tomboy-02-3-904b5

What I’m coming to find out is that though this story is intense, graphic and weighty, it’s more character driven. Tomboy devotes panels into the people to give a deeper connection to the individuals in Tomboy beyond Addison. Even Addison’s grandfather is revealed to be a more significant character than just a grumpy old man who is “trying to watch the game”.

We still don’t know if Addison’s visions are manifestations of an insane, broken mind or if she really has been brought into an otherworldly magical realm that has given her a quest to deal swift and painful justice.

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Issue #2 is focused far more on exposition, plot and character development. Not to it’s own detriment, though I felt the pace slowed down comparative to issue #1. It is understandable #1 relied on a frantic pace to hook readers and now we are given the opportunity to slow down and get to know the story, characters and grander sense of mystery. To some degree, Issue #2 felt like a resetting of dominos with a finger ready to push that first one down at the end. I would have liked more action, but I understand and appreciate the attention to detail and exploration of the story and characters as a whole. It’s showing depth beyond the first issue and that’s a good thing.

Mia Goodwin is proving her mettle as a top-notch comic artist and storyteller. I find myself, yet again, with anxious anticipation to read her next issue, but with the one hope for more action and bloody justice. But that might just be more of my own personal preference.

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