Let’s Get Medieval in “Sires of Time” (Indie Review)

Aug 30, 2015

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st4Sires of Time

Story by: J.M. Dragunas
Art by: J.M. Dragunas

It is not often that something visually comes along and stops you in your tracks. This is how I discovered Sires of Time amidst the hundreds of thousands of comics from  every writer, artist and the creative soul that was in attendance at Boston Comic Con.

Sires of Time is the most complete comic I have read in a long time. From the script, to the illustrations and even the lettering. The story of the comic paints a picture of medieval times with Arthur and his incredible sword Excalibur being the focal point. No enemy can stand up to Arthur or the sword, and thus Morgana is created. Through a serious of fiendish and devilish deeds, evil starts to take back England. Eventually Morgana shatters the mighty sword and sends it through the chaos of time. Enter the four noble knights of Arthur who, guided by Merlin, are to travel through time and retrieve the shards. Each of these knights represents different foundations and personalities of knightly men, and it will be interesting to read about their cooperation further into the series.


Filling out this story are the illustrations of J.M. Dragunas, which are done by using brush and quill. The detail that was put into each page is astounding. Every inch of every panel is worth the time to stop and carefully enjoy the imagery and subtle backdrops. The art was what caught my eye, and it didn’t let up with fully detailed scenery from the knights in combat to evil succubus archenemies. The full immersion into this story is completed by the lettering. Not only does the script melt into the panels, but it is written and lettered as if I were reading this comic and imagining I was there witnessing the events.

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I was drawn to this comic because of the gorgeous artwork, the story of the comic kept me interested, but talking to the comic’s creator sold me just by letting me see the passion he had for his work. The dedication and devotion to the final product is a breath of fresh air. This was one of my favorite take away from the Con and has me setting reminders to look out for more issues and art from the series. Though this was in black and white (my favorite format), I did get to see some added color to pages and the enhancements really make characters and scenery pop off the page. A must buy for any fan of the genre especially if art is what typically draws you in.

For more art and illustrations by J.M. Dragunas visit: http://jmdragunas.tumblr.com/