Let’s Play House of 1000 Demons

Nov 1, 2015

Never have I played such a game as “House of 1000 Demons”. Its an Xbox Indie text adventure comedy/horror game. That should make an exciting let’s play video. Text based gaming. Yeah.

Join me as I choose from various options to see where I’ll go on my spooky adventure! “House of 1000 Demons” is similar to a choose your own adventure book and does feature branching paths and various endings. I really enjoyed the ending I got.

For a $1 game, “House of 1000 Demons” isn’t the worst. It isn’t very good either though. If you enjoy simple games or choose your own adventure stories, this is the game for you. Now join me on this new let’s play and see if we can survive and escape from the “House of 1000 Demons”!