Liev Schreiber Had Talks To Return For ‘Wolverine 3’ and Confirms ‘Old Man Logan’ Story

Feb 29, 2016

One of the few highlights from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the casting of many of the members of Weapon X. Which included Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth. Many fans have been hoping that Liev Schreiber would return to the X-franchise sometime and bring back Wolverine’s arch-villain to his former glory. Most of it has been wishful thinking more than anything else…

However last night during the Oscars actor Liev Schreiber confirmed to MTV News he has at least had discussions with Hugh Jackman on reprising the role of Victor Creed in the third Wolverine film based on Mark Miller’s Old Man Logan:

“We talked about it. I don’t know. He’s mentioned it to me. The Old Man Logan story — that’s appealing. That’s something that I can do. Old, being the operative word.”

Now, while this doesn’t mean he is “in talks” for the film it at least means they are spoken to him about it. Fox would need characters like Sabertooth, Xavier, and other X-Men characters to fill roles for parts from the Old Man Logan comic the studio doesn’t have the rights to use.

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His character does factor into the more recent versions of the comics, so it would make sense to include Creed into this final installment.

It’s promising for sure, but let’s wait and see if he can commit to the shoot. I’m sure Schreiber post-Spotlight is getting a bunch of offers for Oscar caliber studio roles.

Production is said to begin late April, possibly taking place in New Orleans and New Mexico.

Wolverine 3 hits March 2017

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