Lookout Jive Turkeys!: ‘SHAFT’ Reboot On The Way From PREDATOR Producer

Feb 18, 2015


The Wrap reports that New Line and Predator producer John Davis are coming together to develop another reboot of the Shaft franchise. Our last Shaft film saw Samuel L. Jackson playing the nephew of the original 70’s exploitation hero played by Richard Roundtree and went-up against future Batman actor Christian Bale.

No names for directors or actors are attachedĀ but the film could be really topical considering the current relationships between police and the black community.


Jeff from The Wrap mentions Jamie Foxx and it’s an interesting proposition as inĀ Django Unchained Kerry Washington’s character Broomhilda von Shaft is said to be a ancestor of John Shaft. Having Foxx play the new Shaft could be a way to connect to the two films further.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were able to wrangle the exploitation king Quentin Tarantino into making the film?


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