Loot Crate announces new Firefly Cargo Crate

Jan 22, 2016

Loot crate has announced that they are partnering with QMx (Quantum Mechanix) to release a new bi-monthly service featuring the cult-classic series Firefly and it will be called the “Firefly Cargo Crate”.

“Serenity is back in the sky and ready to deliver an official Firefly® Cargo Crate filled with shiny contraband! Every two months she’ll return from the edge of the ‘Verse to drop off an epic Firefly® Cargo Crate packed with 5 to 7 exclusive collectibles! A $65+ value!”


Although, this isn’t quite an announcement like a sequel to Serenity or a second season of Firefly, I’m sure fellow Browncoats will be pleased to get their Firefly fix every other month. Not only this, but we have the upcoming Firefly Online game, also from QMx, to look forward to as well.

The first exclusive figure to be featured in the crate has already be revealed and it is of the “Hero of Canton” himself, Jayne Cobb.



Not much else has been revealed but you can sign up for updates of the crate for updates at https://www.lootcrate.com/firefly

What do you think of the upcoming Firefly Cargo Crate?

Source (Nerdist)


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