Lucifer Resummoned: Sweet Kicks (1×05)

Feb 25, 2016

Lucifer instantly became my new favorite TV show to watch every week! I love the dry humor, the grungy soundtrack, and the tantalizing story line. When I first saw the preview I knew it was going to be a great show – but it has surpassed all expectations!

The Case
This week’s case focused on Benny-Choi a designer/artist that stole the spotlight from his ‘best friend’, Yellow-Viper, who took the fall for a ‘B&E’ (Breaking and Entering) crime. We had two deaths; Paola & Pig-Ditty, and the whole Latin King gang roughed up by Maze.

Lucifer charmed his way into becoming a civilian consultant for Chloe’s department, a “Glorified Ride-Along.” Their first stop was interrogating Dani and Diego, in this scene we see Chloe child-lock Lucifer in the car and him throw a little tantrum, “Isn’t it illegal to lock a child in the car.” The fact that Chloe treats the devil like a two year old is hilarious, because throughout this season we have seen him act like a child many times. With Chloe being a mom herself, it has a special backing for this type of insult towards a grown man… or Devil.

Yellow-Viper, being a symbol of sacrifice (belatedly obvious), how could anyone miss that? Him holding his arms out in front of the kids in a Jesus-like fashion, and having been charged for the sins of his friend Benny-Choi. We are reminded that Lucifer has a very devious, dark side when he flashes his true form at Benny-Choi. How did no one else in the room see it? Seriously!

Lucifer and Chloe
This week Lucifer plays with his new-found mortality, “The danger of getting hurt’s positively thrilling. Fun with mortality. Bring it.” I believe we will get to see this fun climax in the upcoming episodes. It will probably become more serious; he won’t be able to protect Chloe or he may have a close call with death. Everett, one of my fellow writers, brought to my attention a theory that Chloe is the cause of him becoming mortal, and thus she is possibly the only one who can actually make the Devil bleed. In the first episode we see Lucifer take multiple bullets for Chloe and it didn’t faze him. If this theory is true, I believe that it has something to do with his sacrifice for her in that first episode. His protection of Chloe gives her the power to harm him.

“I fi400-144gured out why you do these favors. It’s about power. Makes you feel superior. In control. Your addicted to creating chaos, and seeing where the chips fall, to hell with consequences. It’s like you have some kind of God Complex.” – Chloe

We see a flash of anger across Lucifer’s face as she insults him with the concept of him playing God. Which I believe is the first time we see this authentic emotion of anger towards Chloe. There has always been light friendly banter, but nothing cutting this deep to hurt feelings. I wonder if Chloe is getting a little too candid with the Devil; will Lucifer always be fascinated with her or will he convince her to give in to her darkest desires? I believe that Chloe will continue fight against the temptations from the Devil and if she does give in, it will be on her own terms.

Maze has a fun ninja like fight scene where she takes out all of the Latin Kings. It was sort of cheesy with all the shadow dancing, but I still enjoyed seeing her get more screen time this episode. I want to know more about why Lucifer reminds her that, “You exist to protect me. To know where I am and who I am with at all times, whether you want to or not.” It seems as though she was tasked or punished with being Lucifer’s guardian.

In last weeks review of ‘Manly Whatnots’my devilish fellow writer Everett Harn speculates that she is going to team up with Amenadiel and try to force Lucifer to go back; he was right!  We see the beginning of that partnership grow, “I want what’s best for Lucifer – samIMG_20160226_085232e thing you want.” When Maze met Amenadeil at the coffee shop I was surprised. She comments on his comfortability among the ‘mortals’, but I’m more surprised that she is so laid back. At the end of the episode we get to see, for the first time, a part of Maze’s real demonic form, and it’s amazing! This scene gave me chills, demonstrating her more devious characteristics, and makes the viewer wonder how she is going to deal with her jealous feelings towards Chloe.

IMG_0258-1030x573Amenadeil received more screen time this week as well! We get to see him use his powers to get into Dr. Martin’s office and we see that Lucifer is not the only one who can seemingly charm women. My theory is that Amenadeil is not going to let their relationship cross over into an unprofessional realm as Lucifer had. All he wants is information; and once he has it he will be done playing the charade. Because Maze knows Lucifer’s fascination with Chloe has grown, I believe she will hold that information from Amenadeil and use it herself.

Overall, I thought the episode was good, but it wasn’t my favorite so far. My favorite is still the previous episode, when we got to see Chloe’s reaction to Lucifer presenting himself and all his glory. I am waiting to learn more intimate details about characters and how they are connected. I like the way they are just dropping little hints here and there it always leaves me wanting more, but I want more now! Honestly, after the first three episodes I was craving a binge-watch session of the show.

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