Lucifer Resummoned: Et Tu, Doctor? (1×08)

Mar 17, 2016

This week’s episode of Lucifer, titled “Et Tu, Doctor?” started off like any other, in that it began with a jokey Lucifer (Tom Ellis) working through his personal issues while helping Chloe (Lauren German) solve the weekly case. Then towards the end the writers dropped some huge bombs that I didn’t really see coming. While this episode didn’t stand out from the rest of the season in the same way that “Favorite Son” (1×06) did, but in terms of several growing plotlines this episode was the turning point for the entire season. The writers waited until the very end of this episode to change the relationships between some of our favorite characters and change the way we think about other characters. All this is happening quicker than I expected as we begin the decent towards the season finale’s destination. While I am left dying to see what happens next, first I should resummon my thoughts on what this episode did and what it revealed.

Warning: SPOILERS will follow!


Cheaters Therapy
So this episode’s “weekly case” wasn’t really a stand out. I pretty much guessed who it was from the beginning and I was right in the end. What it did do well though was parallel with Lucifer’s personal goals to figure out his feelings and what they mean. I like that the past few episodes have shown more of Detective Douche AKA Dan (Kevin Alejandro) so that eventually Lucifer would begin to feel jealous of his established relationship with Chloe. Lucifer hasn’t met many people who can resist his charms, possibly just the one, but Chloe’s ability to resist his powers is causing a reaction in Lucifer akin to that of a spoiled child learning that they can’t always get what they want. People want what they can’t have and Lucifer is learning this lesson the hard way. My favorite part of this week’s case was the inclusion of Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel E. Harris). I love when Dr. Martin is on screen, and adding her to this week’s case gave us some great Linda-Chloe scenes. I also really liked Lucifer talking down the guy about to commit suicide. While Lucifer wasn’t actually meaning to talk him down, in his uncaring way he managed to, which continues to give Lucifer that “accidental hero” feel. Sure, he’ll take all of the credit for saving that guy’s life and in the end finding the culprit, but he’s doing so while selfishly trying to figure out his own problems first. It’s ironic that the only thing Lucifer can’t solve is what he’s feeling. All in all the case was pretty by the numbers. It included some interesting characters, like the victim’s wife, who was going to throw poop at someone. So the quirkiness of the case helped it stand out from the other cop drama shows. The crazier the people involved with the weekly case, the funnier Lucifer can be, so I chuckled a bit during this case.


The Palmetto Shooter
So I have to admit that I was wrong in last week’s article for “Wingman” (1×07). I fell for the bait the writers subtly placed and thought that Anthony Paolucci (Lochlyn Munro) was the dirty cop who shot Malcolm (Kevin Rankin). But after Tony had apparently blown his own brains out with a shotgun, I immediately knew I was wrong, because that whole scene smelled fishy. What was shocking for me was how the writers were so blunt and quick with the “Dan did it” reveal. I was just beginning to piece together the puzzle that they were beginning to give us hints at, with Dan’s curious texts and Malcolm’s talks with Chloe, I was starting to think that it was probably Dan. But when it came to that last scene, a lot of things came into place. Now we know most of the story behind Dan and Chloe’s relationship woes. Now we know who shot Malcolm. What we still don’t know is… why? So Dan obviously cares for Chloe and Trixie more than anything else in his life. Even though he’s a dirty cop killer, they made it apparent that he wants them left out of his dark side. My guess is he got in dirty with some bad people a couple years back, then caused the relationship to split up to protect Chloe and Trixie from himself and whoever he may be involved with. It makes me feel like, with Malcolm getting the cords pulled last episode, that Dan would start to really move on to trying to get back with Chloe. Now that Malcolm is suddenly back and it’s all changed. So the question is, what did Dan do that caused Malcolm to pay his C.I. money to find out that he was dirty in the first place? At first I was liking Malcolm’s interactions with Chloe, because he threw an interesting element into her side of the story. But after that last scene with Dan, Malcolm seems a bit off his rocker. I get that being shot by a fellow cop and clinically dying, before making an unexplained miraculous recovery, could affect him. But confronting Dan and telling him that they’re “going to have some fun together” really makes him seem far more unstable than he seemed at first. I loved that the writers were able to pull this fast one on me without me really expecting it. I had talked to just a few people last week who theorized that Dan could be the shooter, but I wasn’t fully prepared to believe them. So if you guessed Dan before Monday’s episode… kudos to you!


Breaking It Off
Two other interesting things that happened towards the end of this episode, was the change in Maze and Dr. Martin’s relationships with Lucifer. Dr. Martin’s brief chat with Maze during this week’s case left her thinking that Lucifer was going to end up leaving her on the side of the road; like all the others who fall too hard for him. This, in combination with her witnessing Lucifer around Chloe, caused her to see that her hope that Lucifer would pick her was in vein, and that she needed to keep things professional. While this shouldn’t change the therapy session portions too drastically for the season, it will be another person rejecting Lucifer’s charms. I honestly wasn’t sure Dr. Martin would be able to do it, especially not with Lucifer unbuttoning his shirt, but she managed to do it. This makes me wonder if Lucifer’s charms are either wearing thin the longer she is exposed to them, or if it’s simply just her free will triumphing. I don’t think Lucifer is going to take this rejection too hard, but I hope the chemistry between the doctor and her patient isn’t changed too much. I’m glad Lucifer found out that Amenadiel had moved across the hall from Dr. Martin. He also managed to piece together that Maze must have told Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) about Dr. Martin. This was another plot point that I didn’t expect the writers to be so blunt about. Lucifer just straight up confronted Maze, which ended in a very cold and bitter “we’re done.” I wonder what this is going to mean. Maze is Lucifer’s right hand demon. She’s his protector too. She knows about some of his weaknesses and all of his strengths. I think Lucifer is grossly underestimating Maze due to her being his lackey for so long. If Maze wanted to get back at Lucifer for dumping her, she’s got several options on how to cause him pain. I just wonder if her fear of the dark lord himself is enough to make her hesitate on doing anything or not. I would have to guess that Maze is going to line up Chloe or Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) in her crosshairs if she wants to get back at Lucifer. Now that she’s met Dr. Martin, and seemed to like her, Chloe is really the only target Maze has; unless Maze wants to hurt Chloe indirectly which will lead her to Trixie. It’s possibly she could target Dan, but I feel like she likes Dan too much. If Maze takes out Dan, it would solve the Palmetto problem at the same time as making the Chloe-Lucifer-Maze love triangle very interesting. I would guess that this season will only end with either Amenadiel or Maze winding up the interim ruler of Hell. I’d hate to see Maze become a villain though. She’s so bad ass and Lesley-Ann Brandt does such a great job playing her. I don’t think it’s going to end well for her though if she betrays Lucifer again. He may have burnt his wings, but he’s still the one true dark lord underneath his confused emotions.


The Coming Storm
Since the writers flipped the script and have just four or five more episodes before the season finale, the question is… where do we go from here? If the writers are going to start laying the ground work for a set up before a season one cliffhanger, I would guess that my theory about Maze becoming the “Lady Lucifer” of Hell is a valid guess. I also don’t see this season ending with Dan still alive. If he somehow does live he’ll be in jail. I think that the game he and Malcolm are going to play will be a dangerous one that will eventually end with the involvement of Chloe and Trixie’s lives being at stake. Dan’s death would allow for the #Chlocifer relationship to be naturally set on the back burner without damaging the actual progress Lucifer has made, while Chloe takes time to get over Dan being a cop killing douche. It would also free her up for Lucifer’s advances to actually work for season two. Either way, Chloe has some bad times ahead of her before she gets there. Amenadiel has now been caught in his scheming as well, which already isn’t going over well with Lucifer. I can’t wait to see how Lucifer chooses to react to Amenadiel’s interference. While next week’s promo doesn’t show any hints of anything other than the weekly case, I am guessing that some of these issues will begin to surface. If you think about it… we really only have two more episodes until the “shit hits the fan” with St. Lucifer (1×11) to lead into what seems like a two hour finale #TeamLucifer (1×12-13). That isn’t a lot of time to rap up current threads and lay down new ones. This season has been a roller coaster ride of emotional fun. I have a feeling that if we get a season two, the show will have no where to go but upwards.


While Lucifer’s ratings rose after “Favorite Son” (1×06), after last week’s episode “Wingman” (1×07) the show was dropped to its lowest viewer count yet. Still, if the show can hold steady at just below 4 million viewers, it stands a good chance at being renewed. If the show loses another 400,000 viewers next week though, I may start getting worried. I’m dying for FOX to announce that they’ve renewed this show. It’s getting around the same viewership as FOX’s other DC series Gotham, so I can’t imagine that Lucifer won’t be renewed. If anyone hears the news before I do… let me know! Until then, keep tweeting #RenewLuciferNow and tell everyone you know to watch the show on Monday nights! Thanks for reading!

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