Lunistice (Review)

Dec 19, 2022

Lunistice is 3D platforming joy. Period, full stop. Lunistice is a hidden gem in a season of AAA title releases.

Published by: Deck13
Released: November 11, 2022 (Nintendo Switch)

At $5.00 on the Nintendo eShop, this passion project from a solo developer is worth any fan’s time and money. While the game may only take a few hours to complete each of the stages in the 7 worlds, the replay value is high.

Players could unlock everything in Lunistice in one evening. However, each stage contains multiple paths through. The game grades players on time, collectibles, and number of deaths. Mastering the game will take even seasoned platformer fans multiple attempts.

Excellent Execution

Fortunately, the smooth gameplay and framerate make Lunistice a joy to play. Even on levels where my death count reached over 50 attempts, I always knew what was required. Executing a perfectly timed jump or combo move to get to a distant platformer is on the player. Level design telegraphs alternative routes in every level. Players that push themselves will be rewarded as all abilities are unlocked from the start.

However, the game doesn’t require mastery of all abilities until the final stages where all abilities are quickly stacked together. Tight, responsive controls make movement and transversal flow. Even during white knuckled runs for speed, the game remains responsive and precise. Consequently, Lunistice rewards players with higher scores and hidden secrets when they push their platforming limits.

Lunistice encourages players to test their abilities to discover new areas and shortcuts. Lunistice simultaneously tests a players’ platforming prowess while allowing every player to explore at their own pace.

Pure Platforming

Lunistice distills 3D platformers down to the essentials. The PS1/Saturn era graphics create a pureness to the experience. This isn’t a limitation. Consequently, it is an achievement of a developer who knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish and succeeded. 

Lunistice gift to players. It is one of my best gaming experiences of 2022. And a hidden gem worthy of playing. 

Score: 9.0