Mad Genius Review

Jul 9, 2018

Mad Genius (2017)

Directed by: Royce Gorsuch
Written by: Royce Gorsuch
Starring: Spencer Locke, Scott Mechlowicz, Faran Tahir, Chris Mason, Levy Tran, Tehmina Sunny,  Gbenga Akinnagbe

After finally receiving my VHS copy of Mad Genius via snail mail, I jumped on my BMX bike and then set a direct course to my friend’s house on Madison St… Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, back up, back up! I am doing it again, aren’t I? Sadly, confusing my life between then and now seems to be a reoccurring theme for me as of late. Perhaps it is my yearning for a movie I am excited about after the credits roll. Movies like Fight Club, The Matrix, Constantine, Gladiator, and Brain Scan just to name a few. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Mad Genius turned out to be all of those films and even intertwined the competition between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates between the Antagonist and Protagonist in the film for good measure.

Allow me to set the stage to Mad Genius for you… “Your appearance now is what we call Residual self-image it is the mental projection of your digital self…” Darn, that’s a quote from the Matrix… Let me refer back to my notes… Ah ha, I got it! “People do it every day. They talk to themselves, they see themselves as they like to be. They don’t have the courage you have to just run with it. That’s what you was still wrestling with it so sometimes you are still you… Other times, you imagine yourself watching me…” NO! That’s Fight Club! I would have taken my meds today but I woke up on the roof of a 10 story building and luckily had the mind to bring my laptop…

In Mad Genius, Mason and his imaginary friend Vic set out to save the human race from their imperfections. The problem? Well, Mason is a little um, confused. None-the-less, he is very intelligent and some would say a Genius. From his words, apparently, the brain is made up of 80 billion neurons. Why do these signals originate and can a human being write the code of consciousness and learn how to create life? That is what Mason is after and through a heavy influence from his friend Vic, The Matrix and Fight Club, James Wan delivers an absolute mind-bending work of art in Mad Genius.

I have been banging my head against the wall, (and perhaps throwing a few punches into my own face because it makes me feel alive) for a movie that is completely original from its predecessors but with the same feel. Mad Genius intentionally reveals influence from movies from the past, but does it in such a nostalgias way, their presence brings your attention right back on the main character, Mason. I believe between Mad Genius’s clever use of simulating previous movies and installing the science of Quantum Mechanics, this film will appeal to both older and younger audiences. It’s smooth slick style processes you to the end of the film, requiring no opiates or mind-altering substances, (the film does this for you).

I believe at some point in everyone’s life, we begin to think about our own mortality and maybe we or some super smart genius out there could think of a way to fix all of our problems. We are all flawed, and by knowing this about ourselves can we ever truly be happy? Mad Genius answers that very question if you pay enough attention to the final message at the end of the film.

My final thoughts? Drop everything you are doing. Put that hammer down if you are working on a roof. Push the keyboard away from you (if you are in an office setting), clock out and go see this film. As we evolve, the human race grows closer to each other, we should begin to see there is more out there than advertisements, Bentleys, and million dollar houses. 10 out of 10 for me. Mad Genius will go into my private film collection.

Well, those are my thoughts now tell me yours! I am always interested to hear someone else’s point of view. I’m off my meds as I mentioned above! You can leave a comment to this article or email me at Thanks!