March’s “Versus” Level Up from Loot Crate brings the battle to us

Mar 27, 2016


Mad Cave Studios


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March’s LEVEL UP subscription from Loot Crate is here and the theme is: Versus. The VS #LvlUp includes items from Super Mario, DC Super Heroes, Marvel, and Battleship.

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Included in this month’s Level Up:

  • Battleship T-Shirt
  • Super Mario Bros socks (featuring Mario and Bowser)
  • Marvel’s SHIELD & Hydra socks
  • Batman V Superman necklaces
  • Captain America: Civil War long sleeve shirt
  • Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman hair ties

There are two shirts in this months Level Up. The long sleeve t-shirt, depending on how you look at it, says both Iron Man and Captain America. I flipped the image below to give you a better look. Looks like I found my shirt for the Civil War premiere!

The short sleeve t-shirt features the classic battleship from the Battleship board game with the words printed “You Sank My Battleship!”

Both pairs of socks I absolutely loved. The Super Mario pair features Mario on one sock and Bowser on another sock. When put together the “VS” logo line up. So does the second pair included in this month’s Level Up. The second pair has the SHIELD emblem on one sock, and the Hydra emblem on the other.

There was two accessories in this months Level Up. One was of two necklaces, one with the Superman Logo and the other with the Batman logo from Batman V Superman. I love them, and can see myself alternating between the two. Actually, when I saw Batman V Superman opening night, me being a bigger Batman fan than Superman, I just had to wear the Batman necklace out. I love it. It’s made from Bioworld, who have proven time and time again that their products are perfect. These necklaces will match any outfit as well.

The second accessory included a pack of 3 hair-ties. one Superman, one Wonder Woman and one Batman. Another great accessory to go with any outfit!


April’s Lvl Up theme has been revealed and will feature items from The Princess Bride, The Goonies, Zelda, Star Trek and Kingdom Hearts. Sign up below:


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