Margarita Marie Guzman Is Seductive And Dangerous In Her Wide Variety Of Cosplay

Jul 22, 2015

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Name: Margarita Marie Guzman

Location: Merced, California

Twitter: @MargieZGKETA





What was your first Cosplay experience?
My first cosplay experience was at Stockton-Con last year in Stockton, California, when I dressed up as BatGirl from DC Comics. The experience was simply delightful for being my first convention ever and being dressed up as a novice cosplayer.
The experience was awesome because I was able to meet new people and getting to take pictures with fans was a plus too. I never thought my first experience would have went so well. But, thankfully it did because it made me want to continue cosplaying at conventions. Another reason why it went well for my first experience is because I was able to meet the beautiful LeannaVamp. She was so welcoming to take pictures and that felt good. I also, was asked to be in a cosplay music video, recorded by SuperBreak Down.
‘Till this day Stockton-Con is by far my favorite convention that I’ve attended. The main reason why is because I was able to meet a famous cosplayer like Miss. Vamp, and also be in a music video. So not only was my first cosplay experience awesome, it was also an eye opener to what I look forward to in future conventions.

How long have you been Cosplaying?
I started cosplaying on February 4, 2014. So a year and almost a month.

Who or what inspired you to take up Cosplaying?
The person who is responsible is my cousin Raul. But, I wouldn’t say becoming a cosplayer was the only thing he inspired me to do, or be. The games we played, anime shows we watched, and comic books we read were inspirational too. When I was growing up, I often looked up to my cousin Raul as a role model/older brother.
Within doing so; he gave me the ability to become the person I am today. He taught me to be myself no matter what life brings me, and to never give up. And the games we played like Super Mario Brothers, Tomb Raider, Alien, GTA, Resident Evil, SSX, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Dead or Alive.
Always had a life lesson being taught no matter what game we played. So when growing up with him, I then slowly started to catch myself caught up in the story lines and in the characters choices made in the gameplay.
Often thinking of becoming Lara Croft, Alice – Resident Evil, Rain – Resident Evil, Tifa Lockhart, Ayane, and Cortana, and Zoe (SSX).
Knowing these females, played an important role in the game; made me feel I also should play an important role in my own life.
Not only did the games make me want to be these women characters; the shows we watched made that desire grow stronger.
Shows like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Steel Angels, Pokémon, and One Piece. Then I started having favorite comic characters from DC and Marvel. Blade was one of my favorites because he was simply a bad ass killing vampire! What my cousin Raul was teaching me, when playing video games, watching anime, and reading comic books is the world we live in contains two types of people the good guys and bad guys.
With learning what type of people are in the world; gave me a better understand of life. And that any dream could come true, ideas are endless, and imagination isn’t limited. Raul is the person that inspired me to be the gamer, anime, comic lover I am today.
Lastly, to be well aware that the characters I played as, anime shows I watched, and the comic books I’ve read; can simply be the person I become in life, path I choose, and story I’ll leave once I’m gone.
I am humbly answering the question with my main inspiration, being my cousin Raul, the video games, anime shows, and comic books he introduced to me.

If you had to pick a favorite Cosplay you’ve worn, or have seen someone else wear, what would it be?
I would have to say my favorite cosplay I have worn is FireWire from Shadow Hunter Comics. Due to the fact that the cosplay was hand made with the assistance of my mom. I cosplayed her at “Grape City Con” in Lodi, California and “Sac-Con” in Sacramento, California. Information on the character can be found at

If you had unlimited funds and resources, what Cosplay would you create?
I honestly would take the funds and resources to help other people that dream of creating their favorite cosplay character. Simply because funds and resources doesn’t come easy in when cosplaying. And I feel being in the cosplay community is to help fellow cosplayers with anything we can.

What advice would you offer to those who are aspiring Cosplayers?
My advice to aspiring cosplayers are:
1. Never feel your costume isn’t good enough to cosplay. When cosplaying; it’s all about having fun and sharing your style and interpretation of the character you’re cosplaying as. In my opinion; all costumes whether their bought/made/or put together are all welcome.

2. To never give up on a costume because it’s taking to long to complete. It just shows that it will be more epic and bad ass once you’re done.

Be sure to reach out to the right people when wanting to share, or feature your work on their page. IF you message them, and they don’t write back right away. DON’T write back until they write you because most likely they’re busy, and will get to your message ASAP.
But, sadly sometimes people will think you are a “spammer” and can spread word that you’re only doing cosplay to gain likes…..
Which in anyone’s case when wanting to be featured, or shared. Their idea is to have people like them for their hard work and talent they put in their costumes.
So please don’t let that type of stuff bring you down because you will get people that are up for sharing your work.
If you ever want to be featured or shared whether you’re male or female, you’re more than welcome to message me on my page on facebook called, “Hottie Cosplay Girls & Gamer Girls”

When you attend conventions make sure you have flyers, or cards with your information on it. Most people at conventions ask for social media information to follow and keep up with you. Another thing to keep in mind is that people at conventions might want to have you cosplay as their character from their book, comic, or small film. So keep in mind charging fees, and other things you would want to talk to them about. Many offers and opportunities are endless at conventions!
Things to keep in mind when making a flyers/cards:
(Having an eye catching picture on the flyer/card also helps)

5. Lastly, enjoy yourself when cosplaying, and don’t forget who you are and the reasons you wanted to be a part of the cosplay community. AND TO PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN COSPLAYING AS THESE CHARACTERS, KIDS DO LOOK UP TO YOU AND SEE YOU NOT AS A PERSON DRESSED UP, BUT AS THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTER FROM COMIC BOOKS, ANIME SHOWS, AND VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!! So respect parents and their kids when attending conventions!

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