Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets a new COMBAT TRAILER

Aug 2, 2017


How does this game even exist?

With Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle coming to Nintendo Switch later this month, Nintendo is beginning to ramp up the game’s promotion. And this latest trailer highlights some elements, such as, the humor, combat, and characters featured in this zany adventure from developer Ubisoft.

In this trailer, Mario and his crew face-off against a giant mustachioed Rabbid who mocks Mario’s mustache and even sing in Opera-style, “It’s-a-me, Let’s-a-go - the only words you know.”

It appears Ubisoft has a good grasp on each of the Mushroom Kingdom characters not only in their character models and animations, but in their personalities, while still doing right by its own Rabbids. Mario appears brave and Luigi looks like the cowardly-yet-hesitant hero we’ve come to know him by. Yoshi sports a scowl while holding a bazooka and Princess Peach makes it known that she’s not about to get captured again.

There looks to be a great deal of variety in the game’s weapons and strategies. This strategy-rpg, in the vain of X-COM, has our heroes taking cover and using each other to jump over to better vantage points. Weapon variety is just as present with Mario using a Bullet Bill Arm Cannon (something I never thought I’d say) and Peach blowing away Rabbids in close-quarters combat by means of a giant shotgun.

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We can also see Mario jumping on enemies and using a giant hammer, things we’ve seen in the past. It should be interesting to see whether Yoshi can swallow Rabbids or Luigi can suck enemies up with his Poltergust 3000.

Overall, this trailer does a fantastic job of building hype by showing us what might make this game truly special while not giving away too much.

We’ll continue to cover this title up and through its launch on August 29 for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more PREVIEWS and also our REVIEW!

Are you getting hyped for Mario + Rabbids? What about it do you like/not like?

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