Marvel And Sony Considering Diverse Casting Options For New ‘SPIDER-MAN’

Feb 23, 2015


Jeff from The Wrap has been hinting that he has some casting news concerning the new Spider-Man actor. However, while hints to a shortlist have been made he hasn’t gone on the record or posted these names on The Wrap.

He did talk a bit about it on last night’s Meet The Movie Press where he revealed Marvel is indeed considering black and latino actors for the role convinced the new Spidey will be played by a non-white actor.

Here is what Jeff had to say about new casting search for Spider-Man.

“Listen, this is not set in stone guys, but I’m telling you right now, Spider-Man’s not gonna be white. Spider-Man is not going to be white … I am 95% sure. Spider-Man’s gonna be, most likely, black. But there’s a chance he could also be Latino. 95% sure, not white.”

“I don’t think it’s gonna be Peter Parker.”

“I really feel strongly. Sony has an opportunity to beat Marvel and DC to the punch with sort of a major black comic book character. You know, like I mentioned last week, the emails that leaked were perceived as racist in some quarters. I really think that’s gonna play into things.”

Things change but I’ve also heard Marvel/Sony are considering a diverse group of hopefuls, no names but they are looking to think really differently with this new incarnation.

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Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 2.56.42 PM

Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Newsroom) has been a name that Jeff has mentioned in the past and it doesn’t hurt he’s starring in Sony’s upcoming film Chappie which co-stars Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman. Patel has been said to have tested for The Force Awakens for a role, so he’s obviously warmed to the idea of a huge franchise.

He’s a bit too old for the younger Spider-Man they’re aiming for unless they’re planning on using an older Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and then his death inspiring a much younger Miles Morales in the new solo Spider-Man film.

I think fans would embrace a Miles Morales story and with Marvel Studios helping creatively it could be something really special.


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