Marvel Announces Ebon Moss-Bachrach Will Play Micro In ‘Punisher’; Ben Barnes Confirmed As Jigsaw

Oct 6, 2016


Marvel Television has announced three actors have joined the cast of their Punisher series on Netflix.

jigsaw_earth-noirThey are confirming that Ben Barnes is indeed apart of the cast and will play villain Billy Russo aka Jigsaw. The character description also affirming our own information that he would be playing a former soldier that served with Frank Castle. Russo has formed Anvil, a private military contractor company and seemingly is our main villain.

The character was last seen in Lexi Alexander’s Punisher: War Zone, played by Dominic West.

It’s interesting this take will see Russo have a friendship first with Castle.


The private military company Anvil sounds like it could be mimicking sketchy companies like Blackwater. Anvil could easily have connections to Frank’s nemesis from Daredevil and might become the main threat of the show.

I’m curious if Russo and Anvil will have ties to the Maggia Crime Family or will be just a straight-up seedy PMC company.

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Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be playing Frank’s arms dealer Micro and Amber Rose Revah will play a Homeland Security Agent.


Ben Barnes (“The Chronicles of Narnia“) joins the cast as Billy Russo, Frank’s Castle’s best friend from his days in the Special Forces. He runs a successful private military corporation called “Anvil.”’
Ebon Moss-Bachrach (“Girls”) will play Micro, a former NSA analyst whose secrets may be of great value to Frank Castle and everyone around them.

And Amber Rose Revah (“Indian Summers,” “Son of God”) joins as Dinah Madani, a highly-trained sophisticated Homeland Security agent who is vexed by the Punisher.

There is still plenty of roles yet to be announced, including a possibly corrupted CIA Agent that a couple of actors have been auditioning for.

Production is underway in Brooklyn, New York and is expected to be released sometime in 2017.


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