Marvel Collector Corps – Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

Dec 21, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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The December Marvel Collector Corps box has arrived and this months theme is Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription box from Marvel and Funko guaranteed to feature 100% exclusive items. The Box is about $25 plus shipping and promises $50 in value in return.

2015-12-20 13.03.49

Items Included:

  • Funko Pop Starlord Mug
  • Guardians of Infinity #1 variant cover
  • Patch featuring Rocket Racoon
  • Pin featuring Groot
  • Guardians of the Galaxy scarf
  • Groot and Rocket POP Bobblers Ornaments

2015-12-20 13.06.45This is physically Marvel’s largest box so far. The Mug and Ornaments take up a significant amount of space. The Mug features Star-Lord’s head and is a pretty wide size. I am actually drinking out of it as I am typing this and I can fit nearly two K-Cups inside this thing.

The ornaments featuring an adorable Christmas style Groot and Rocket Racoon. I love these, they are even smiling. I definitely didn’t hesitate to hang 2015-12-20 13.10.40them on our Christmas tree alongside Darth Vader and Iron Man. These are our Pop figures featured this week. I noticed that across the internet (Reddit, YouTube,etc..), many of the hardcore Pop collectors seemed a bit disappointed that the traditional Funko Pop vinyl figure was not featured in this box. I believe a lot of the speculation early on when this box was first announced that we may actually get a 6” Groot with Rocket standing on his shoulder. Who knows, maybe we will get that one day. I, on the other hand, am still pleased with these ornaments. I think it’s safe to say that this is not only a GotG themed box but a Christmas themed box as well. This a feels like a stay-at-home, stay warm, read a comic, drink some hot cocoa starter kit. Nothing wrong with that, of course.


The scarf included is very thick and a great accessory for the winter season. Unfortunately, I live in Texas, where it is now December 20th and It’s about 70 degrees outside. Anyone living further up north would benefit from this more than I am. The scarf is still nice though. One side features Groot and the other side features silhouettes of the entire Guardians team in Pop form.

2015-12-20 13.06.15The patch and pin which come in every Marvel Corp box, features Rocket and Groot this time around. I loved the art style on the patch, Rocket’s design is similar to the current comics. It’s detailed well, and while the rest of the items here featuring a cuter, gentler Rocket, the pin shows the more maniacal Racoon we love. 2015-12-20 13.06.06

The issue included is Guardians of infinity #1 and has a variant cover done by Ben Butcher, The VP of Creative.  The cover features Rocket decorating Groot with Christmas tree lights.

Overall, I enjoyed another month’s Marvel Collector Corp. Creatively, I think they did a good job. I will say I would have liked to see more Gamora on this box to be honest. Since the film’s release, I understand that as soon as you mention the word Guardians, majority of folks think of Groot or Rocket but I’d love to see more love thrown towards Gamora and Drax in the future. I base my favorite item, not only by appearance but by how much I will actually use it. So with that said, I think my favorite item in here is the Star-Lord mug. I thought it was a well done mug and the closer I get to holding a a half-gallon of coffee in a cup, the better. 😉

Long before the GotG arrived, Marvel and Funko announced that February’s theme is Deadpool, to coincide with the film release. Last day to Subscribe to February’s Box is 2/15/16.