Marvel – DC Crossover: Red Hood vs. …

Apr 27, 2020

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When the comic book industry started to feel the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, an idea surfaced that all readers can get behind: a Marvel-DC Crossover.

It’s been a while since the two companies joined forces, and it’d probably complicated to do on the business end, but these are unprecedented times. Plus (*SPOILER*) if you read Doomsday Clock you know it’s not farfetched to think a Marvel-DC Crossover event could happen.

Now, Scott Snyder’s proposal of Batman vs. everyone sounds amazing, and Tom Taylor writing and X-Men/Justice League story would be great, but Gail Simone — who started this conversation —Donny Cates and others came up with some great team-ups and 1-on-1 stories. The possibilities are truly endless.

So how about … 

Red Hood vs. Moon Knight

Writer: Sean Murphy

Artist: Sean Murphy

The Pitch: Jason Todd has grown a lot over the years, but “patient” isn’t exactly an adjective that describes him well. Him dealing with someone like Marc Spector in any capacity probably won’t go smoothly. Not to mention, these two will be going at one another’s throats because there’s a certain shapeshifter creating confusion. This crossover should be nothing but chaos. Also, Red Hood, Moon Knight and the story’s real villain are all on a similar playing field when it comes to fighting — and none are known to hold back.

Plot: Jason Todd receives word of a new player in Gotham. Someone who likes to dress in all white and goes by the name Mr. Knight. What’s weirder is this new villain is teamed up with Riddler. (Who teams up with that guy anymore?) When Red Hood finally tracks down Mr. Knight, he refutes Jason’s claims. But Marc Spector doesn’t exactly trust Jason, either. He’s already heard a thing or two about the ruthless Red Hood. Their initial exchange leaves Red Hood more puzzled than he already was.

Setting: Present day Gotham. Batman is preoccupied with his own matters in hist Marvel-DC Crossover, so he can’t get involved. Same goes for other members of the Bat Family.

Other Characters: Mystique is far from a Moon Knight villain. But we’re talking about a Marvel-DC Crossover event. Anything can happen. And while her powers help bring the story together, her harsh personality can add another dynamic. With the way Red Hood and Moon Knight are, she may not walk out of this alive. Heck, what’s to say they’re safe? Also, at least one DC villain needs to be in the mix. Riddler is the perfect fit. Mystique doesn’t know he’s not a heavy-hitter because she isn’t from the DC Universe, but he’s a known name in the city. Riddler isn’t going to turn down the opportunity to team up with someone with her abilities. He’ll also play a pivotal role in the plot late in the story.

Notes: If Murphy is in on the book, he will want to write and do the artwork — which I have no problem with whatsoever, especially for this story. The No. 1 reason Murphy is the choice here: he knows how to take risks effectively. Bold decisions with Batman aren’t easy, even if it’s not for the main story. Murphy made more than a few of them with White Knight and Curse of the White Knight, and, in case you didn’t already know, both stories were awesome. So, the idea of giving him two characters that he can take risks with — both of which are far from stable — seems perfect.

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