Marvel giving Han Solo his own mini-series this June

Mar 5, 2016


Marvel has anounced an all new Han Solo 5 issue mini-series set to debut this June featuring the han 1adventures of the legendary smuggler between a New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  The book will be written by Majorie Liu and feature the gorgeous artwork of Mark Brooks, previously best known for being one of Marvel’s go to cover artist.  While I will never complain about more Han and Chewie stories, the overlap between time periods that Star Wars book and Comics is beginning to tread is a little concerning, most of the newer stuff we have gotten from the Star Wars and Darth Vader comics to Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD have all been original trilogy era.  While this is most Star Wars fans favorite era, mine included, it would be a little more refreshing if they could mix it up a little bit with Old Republic and Prequel era stuff, while the newest Obi-Wan and Anakin comic was a start we need to see more.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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